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Best Mains-Powered Wands

Nothing like a sexy little listicle to get our pulses pounding, so with Valentine’s Day incoming, here’s Cliterati’s round-up of the best mains-powered wands currently on the market. There’s wand for everyone (see what we did there?!).

And before you hit Confirm on the order for your naughty delivery, remember:

The first rule of Wand Club is a good water-based lube, the second is a good antibacterial cleaning spray. The third and most important rule? Before you buy, consider you might need an essential international plug adaptor for your chosen wand.

Now for the fun part –

Eroscillator wand reviewThe Eroscillator 2 Deluxe

If you enjoy love-making as well as a good fuck then this baby has it all. It may be expensive and ugly but it constitutes the investment of a lifetime. Bestowing orgasms like no other again and again and again, it genuinely has no equal.

Buy the Eroscillator for £199 from Lovehoney

Read our review for the original Eroscillator

Doxy Massager Review

Doxy Massager

This exquisite piece of British engineering is the best traditional mains-powered wand out there, no question. Actually, we do have a question – will you choose Doxy’s standard wand or the die-cast version, and in which colour? Outstanding.

Buy Doxy with UK, EU and US plugs from Lovehoney for £89.99

Buy Doxy Die Cast from Lovehoney for £149.99


Bodywand Vibrator

Ongoing favourite that never fails to deliver. So popular, it’s often out of stock – whichever online store you choose. Suggest you also invest in a rubber or vinyl sheet to protect your mattress from any (un)expected squirting.

Buy Bodywand from Simply Pleasure at £57.95

Read the full Bodywand review here


Palm Power by Swan

Lightweight yet powerful, this is a fantastic wand for those of us who like a long play but don’t like our arms getting tired. Extra attachments are available!

Buy Palm Power from Simply Pleasure for £74.95

Read the full Palm Power review here

Review Lovehoney Deluxe Bodywand Magic Vibrator

Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand

You will rarely go wrong with a Lovehoney own-brand item, and this wand is a case in point: it’s a solid success. Excellent work, LH HQ!

Buy Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand for £49.99


Fancy something a little…different?

Try the Tokidoki x Lovehoney Unicorn Wand if you like it kitsch and kawaii, or the Motorhead Orgasmatron War Pig for the rebellious rock chick in you. Proving that yes, as we said at the top of the page, there really is something for everyone.

Buy Tokidoki x Lovehoney Unicorn Wand for £99

Buy the Motorhead Orgasmatron for £89.99 from Lovehoney

So, did you remember the rules of Wand Club?

Water-based Lube

Antibacterial Toy Cleaner

International plug adaptors

Excellent work, Folks 🙂

Toy Review: Lelo Soraya vs Lelo Ina 2

Compare Lelo Soraya vs Lelo Ina 2 Honest Sex Toy Vibrator ReviewFrom one of the top-selling luxury brands of ‘lifestyle’ toys, Lelo’s Soraya has made waves at Cliterati towers thanks to its flexible clit-stim shaft and all-round effectiveness. Not only does it pack a fair punch on the G-spot and the clitoral areas, but the two approaches can be isolated and used separately, at the same time, or in tandem patterns (for example, the clit-stim shaft growling until the g-spot picks up the pace and then back again to the clit-stim, repeat until orgasm).

Indeed, the Soraya even pipped its revamped, more powerful counterpart the Ina 2 to the post of preferred Lelo rabbit due to its less aggressive pinch. Because, despite being power-hungry (Lelo’s Mona 2 is my all-time favourite vibrator), personally I found the Ina 2 genuinely painful due to the short space between the clitoral stimulator and the main shaft – its rigidity simply didn’t suit my body shape. A lovely Lelo representative suggested the Soraya as an alternative, and she was completely correct – unsurprising really, since the Isla from the Lelo insignia range is one of our top G-spot toys.

However, that same lovely Lelo representative actually prefers the Ina 2 herself, which just goes to show how individual our experiences can be of the exact same sex toy. Also, the Soraya is an older model with mildly less oomph, so if you’re a gadget freak who likes the latest model no matter what the consequences, then you may prefer the Ina 2 – especially as it comes in more updated colours such as a gorgeous lime green.

To this end, if you’re deciding between the Ina 2 and the Soraya, it simply comes down to body shape: because of its slightly superior vibration strength I’d actually choose the Ina 2 over the Soraya if only it physically suited me and – this is a small but notable point – the seamless Ina 2 is easier to clean than the unhygienic ridge between the gold and silicone of the Soraya, which collects gunk like it’s going out of fashion.

If you’re still undecided I’d suggest the following completely unscientific but fun experiment to be conducted alone or with a partner (or two):

1)    Insert your index finger into your vagina (with the middle finger too if it makes it more comfortable on your hand), resting your thumb comfortably on your clitoris.

2)    Withdraw finger(s) and measure the gap formed between thumb and forefinger using the width of the middle fingers of your opposite hand.

3) If the gap there is ‘significantly more’ than one finger wide then the Soraya might suit you better.

If you have any doubts, since both rabbits are at the higher end of the market and are a considerable financial investment, the Soraya may be a better choice because at least during use you can push down the clit-stim arm with your palm to make it a smaller fit. Meanwhile, the Ina 2 is an impressively powerful yet unforgiving despot with an inflexible shape: when it says, ‘Jump!’ you’ll immediately respond with a breathless, ‘How high?’.

Another alternative is to purchase the Ina 2 from Lovehoney, and send it back if it proves uncomfortable, as Lovehoney have a fantastic returns policy and give refunds on all items purchased even if they’ve been used.

In conclusion, we’d love to see a Soraya 2 – especially one that’s seamless so that we can retire our nailbrushes – but apparently it’s not on the cards. Yet…

Use with Lelo Personal Moisturiser lube and Lelo antibacterial spray for a truly luxurious experience.

Lelo Soraya is available from Lovehoney for £128.99

Lelo Ina 2 is available from Lovehoney for £104.99

Toy Review: Frisky Faux Fox Fur Tail Butt Plug


There are two main situations where an online store runs out of stock on an item: one is that the product’s so popular supply doesn’t meet demand, the other is that the thingummy isn’t any cop and isn’t selling, so the vendors aren’t likely to get any more of them in. Fortunately, I had a feeling that the Frisky Faux Fox Tail Anal Plugwas ‘currently unavailable’ for all the right reasons – and I was right.

When I finally received the Tail in the post (thanks Lovehoney for remembering!) it was every bit as fun as it looked online. The packaging was unintimidating with a cheeky illustration of a red-headed siren waving the Tail in a ‘come hither’ way, as well as a small photo of the tail itself.

Pulling the Tail out of the box we were impressed by how full and bushy it was: it feels faux but is still infinitely strokeable and nuzzleable (yes, those are real words) – essentially utterly irresistible. Immediately, this tail reminded us of the original Playboy Bunny girl costume: naughty but cute at the same time. Yes, Frisky’s Faux Fox Tail was so gorgeous you wouldn’t even have to be into Pony or Puppy Play to enjoy it as, fetish scenes aside, this could simply be your ultimate anal accessory.

However, although the box it states that the Tail is suitable for beginners, since it’s clearly a generous Medium size I would err on the side of caution if you’re just starting off. Instead, I’d suggest trying something more petite like the Fashionista Small Glass Bunny Tail which is topped with feathers and…absolutely exquisite!

Hygiene-wise, as Frisky’s tail is faux fur it washes very easily with warm soapy water, and since the butt plug itself is made of shiny TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and is non-porous it’s a doddle to clean. That said, although TPR is generally phthalate-free, there’s nothing on Frisky’s Fox Tail packaging to confirm that their plug is completely body–safe, so it may be wise to cover it with a condom before use (which we here at Cliterati always do for uncertified sex toys anyway).

In short: we love Frisky’s Fox Tail. It’s an absolute must-have. Just remember to buy some water-based lube to ease insertion, as well as a good hygiene spray to clean the plug afterwards. This a big Cliterati Five outta Five: enjoy!

Frisky Fur Fox Tail is available from Lovehoney for £29.99

Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner is available from Lovehoney for £4.99

Liquid Silk Lube is available from Lovehoney for £9.99

Fashionista Feather Bunny Tail butt plug

This piece was originally posted on Cliterati on 10th Jan 2015

Review: Tie & Tease Board Game

1872482-300x300Move over Monogamy, there’s a naughtier board game in town. If you’ve been enjoying the resurgent popularity of BDSM then it’s time to buy into its ultimate kinky accompaniment: the stylishly designed Tie & Tease.

Players throw a D/s die alongside a normal numbered one, picking up themed cards (Role-play, Sensory, Sex, Impact and Contract) to complete sexy tasks as either a Dom(me) or submissive as they compete to complete a circuit of the board. Co-written by Cliterati contributor Molly Moore (of renowned D/s blog Mollysdailykiss), needless to say the cards contain intriguing ideas (to the extent that both the Dom and sub angles prove a winner) and the game leaves players with plenty to discuss and explore together afterwards.

Tie & Tease is a huge favourite at Cliterati as not only is it genuinely exciting (unusual for a board game!) it’s also ideal for opening minds to future experimentation and for blowing fresh air into a long-term relationship. It’s also a great opportunity to explore a side of yourself or a partner you may have never otherwise have enjoyed, and in a light-hearted, safe environment too: after all, your Domme wife may have a submissive side, or your subby boyfriend could be intrigued about being Dominant on occasion. If you wanted some quick-fire fun you could even put the board aside and go straight for the cards. Plus, if bondage isn’t up your street then happily you can still try the vanilla version Tease, which is just as well designed and equally entertaining.

However, if you are in the mood for some thrilling experimentation and fancy indulging your Dom(me), inner submissive or being a ‘Switch’ for an evening – or if you’re simply looking for couples’ kinkspiration – then Tie & Tease will keep you interested and entertained for far longer than its initial outing. You may also like to invest in additional items such as Earthly Body Trio 3-in-1 Mini Massage CandlesFifty Shades Beginners Bondage Kit or the Bondage Boutique Bundle to enhance the experience.

Tie & Tease is available from Lovehoney for £24.99

Tease is available from Lovehoney for £24.99

This piece was originally posted on Cliterati on February 3rd 2015

Toy Review: Sh! Dildos – Mistress Cupid XL, Vibrating Strapless, Wirly Girly 3

If you’re looking for exceptional dildos, either for pegging purposes or for girl-on-girl action, you want to head to Sh! Womenstore.

It’s not for nothing that the Sh! team have won the adult industry award for ‘Most Innovative Retailer 2011, 2012 and 2013 as well as ‘Best Business’ in the 2012 Qype Business Awards and ‘Best Shopping Venue’ in the more generic Qype Awards 2012. Offering adviceclasses and courses in an all-round erotic education, the Sh! ladies seriously know their sex (or should that be Sh!x?).

Based in London’s Hoxton Square and with an established online presence for those further afield, the Sh! team are unusual in that alongside selling luxury lines such as Lelo and nJoy they also design and manufacture many of their own products – think lube, bondage items and harnesses. Perhaps the most impressive side of the Sh! brand is the extensive dildo collection, made of quality silicone in their local studio. If the array of products available is baffling, then you can call or email the Sh! ladies who will be more than happy to talk you through your option: after all, they were extremely patient in the store one evening when Cliterati grilled them about almost every aspect of dildo production!

Following this illuminative ear-bashing we were sent several examples of the Sh! workmanship, including the Mistress Cupid Extra Large Dildo which was a big hit in the office – literally! Yes, it’s a lovely large number, measuring 7 ½” insertable length and a similar circumference towards the base at its most girthy (if you’re able to insert it that deeply).

Sh! Mistress Cupid Extra Large

As with all Sh!-made dildos the shape of the the Mistress Cupid XL is perfect for its intended use: she undulates in all the right areas and tapers off to a Goldilocks width at the tip (not too big, not too small, just right). An expected bonus is that when used with a harness the Mistress Cupid XL is less likely than smaller, slimmer dildos to slip out of the recipient at an inconvenient time. Thanks to its generous proportions it also gives good pushback to the giver, as the soft heart-shaped silicone base feels fantastic under the harness nestled against your clit. If you’re a girth gal who’s into penetration then this big lady is for you. Mistress Cupid Extra Large Dildo also comes in Vibrating form for an additional £25.

Speaking of vibrations, never ones to knock back the opportunity of ever more intimacy, Cliterati also had the pleasure of testing the Sh! Vibrating Strapless Dildo, meant for grinding and frotting rather than thrusting and bouncing. Yes, this is the “look, no hands!” version, where the wearer’s PC muscles engage to hold the ‘egg’ end of the dildo in place, meaning easy access to the clitoris (“look, no harness!”) and leaving your arms free to clasp your lover close. Suitable for both anal and vaginal play, while the ‘egg’ is shaped to be worn by a woman, the opposite end of the Sh! Vibrating Strapless dildo can be used on either gender.

Sh! Vibrating Strapless Dildo

Although small, the Sh! brand removable bullet in this Strapless Dildo is impressive compared to other similar sized bullets on the market. Obviously, the vibrations do get absorbed somewhat by the silicone – it’ll never be as effective as a hard-cover vibrator – but coupled with the Womenstore’s top quality Strapless Dildo it makes for an exquisitely intimate experience. Happily, as always the Sh! silicone is firm but wonderfully accommodating, and whilst the join between the giving and receiving part of the dildo is flexible it doesn’t feel remotely breakable. If you haven’t got Kegels of steel the dildo also works well with a harness for more vigorous fun.

Of course, if you are intending to use your dildos with a harness then you need a suitably gorgeous one to show off its majesty. Cliterati tested the Sh! dildos using our own harnesses from home, but Sh! do make their own beautiful versions in a variety of colours. In fact, we’re completely torn between the red, purple and hot pink versions of the Womenstore’s own-brand Corset Harness – the quality and colours on offer are simply exquisite.

Sh! Corset Harness in red

The Sh! dildos come in a similarly stunning array of colours – as you can see from the handmade marbled Wirly Girly 3 Slim Dildo below. Apart from being gorgeous, in general terms the WG3 is a nicely modest all-rounder: ideal for strap-on sex as it has a good length to it (so is less likely to slip out of the recipient), and great too for anal or those not hung-up on girth as it’s nice and slim rather than intimidatingly wide. Plus, the ridges are tantalizing when used slowly in either orifice. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the Wirly Girly 3 is also simply gorgeous in every shade: it was love at first sight for Cliterati – especially when we learned there was a vibrating version for a mere £8 more!

Sh! Wirly Girly Dildo 3

This outstanding quality also goes for the rest of the Sh!-made products – of which there are many. So remember, if you are overwhelmed by the wealth of choice available then you can easily call or email the Sh! ladies who will be more than happy to talk you through your options. No need to feel embarrassed – not only have the girls heard it all before, but the store isn’t called Sh! for nothing: Discretion is their middle name!

Indeed, at the Womenstore you’ll quickly realise they really do provide an award-winning service: Cliterati would liken it to the difference between heading to a supermarket for an item or enjoying expert advice at a specialist shop (but without the potential intimidation factor, as you’re sure to get a warm welcome at Sh!). For an exceptional experience from start to finish, simply include their paraben-free water-based lube and antibacterial toy cleanerwith your purchases and you’re good to go. And go. And go!

Mistress Cupid Extra Large Dildo is available from Sh! Womenstore for £80

Mistress Cupid Extra Large Vibrating Dildo is available from Sh! Womenstore for £105.00

Sh! Vibrating Strapless Dildo is available from Sh! Womenstore for £74

Wirly Girly 3 is available from Sh! Womenstore for £38

Wirly Girly 3 Vibrating Dildo is available from Sh! Womenstore for £46

The Corset Strap-on Dildo Harness is available from Sh! Womenstore for £62

This piece was originally posted on Cliterati on February 10th 2015

Review: Licx Gel Lube

Licx Gel LubeWith a plethora of intimate moisturisers on the market, it’s hard to know which to choose.

You may already know to select water-based lube for use with silicone sex toys and latex condoms, or use oil-based for anal or longer sessions with a partner, but equally important aspects to consider are whether your chosen sexual lubricant contains suspected carcinogens parabens, or glycerin which is sugary and has the potential to provoke thrush – especially since it’s likely to be employed during a vigorous sex session.

Secondary to these aspects come smell and taste, as there’s nothing worse than a mouthful of unpalatable chemicals midway through a steamy session. Happily, ‘smooth ♥ sensual’ newcomer Licx is inoffensive to the nose and scores highly as it’s palatable too. In fact, it’s a great all-rounder for a general use, and although it does dry quickly a drop of water will soon reinvigorate its intended slipperiness.

In Cliterati’s selfless quest for a decent lube, alarming skin rashes have ensued from the testing of lubricants designed to ‘stimulate or ‘excite’, so we tend to steer well clear of these and deliberately haven’t tested any from the Licx brand. However, if you did fancy trying a non-standard stimulant they have made an Arousal Gel for your delectation, and better still there’s a Licx Mix For Her box set comprising a taster of two sachets of said gel, along with two of Cream lube (containing parabens), Gel lube (paraben-free) and some special intimate wipes. There’s also a Travel Licx mix for naughty weekends away. Smooth and sensual indeed….

Licx Gel Lube is £9.99

This piece was originally posted on Cliterati on 16th March 2015