J.W. Anderson for Topshop

If you like to take your bedroom fantasy into your everyday wear, you could do worse than take a page out of designer J.W. Anderson’s book. His gorgeous French Maid Dress, above, brings to mind Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary: the high-necked restrictive frontage is supremely sexy (especially when coupled with the promise of such suggestive buttons) while the naivety of the white Pilgrim collar and cuffs are prudish and forbidding – and thus tantalisingly thrilling. This is an outfit you could easily wear to work, feeling trussed up and constrained but looking business-like and focussed, whilst a whole other world of sexual expression lies simmering just under the surface, waiting to be unbound…

Yes, young Brit fashion hotshot J.W. Anderson launched his eponymous collection for Topshop today, and true to form his clothing is classic in inspiration, but fashion-forward in its creation. Eminently wearable white shirts and Breton striped jumpers rub against quilted silk paisley skirts and trousers in Anderson’s trademark tartan – even tortoise print jeans and zebra striped iPad cases have a place here.

As the designer himself said: “[The J.W. Anderson girl] lives in the clothing, it’s not too pristine. They’re all over the place, these girls. They might boil over but they don’t – they hold it in.” It’s unsurprising then that his mix-and-match spirit has been so embraced by the fashion world – and by a far broader audience to boot: by 8am this morning many of Anderson’s Topshop items had already sold out in the more popular sizes.

As Jonathan William Anderson himself states: “You can make it whatever you want: I want my clothes to live and interact with other garments.” High fashion just went High Street, and in a most invigorating way…

J.W. Anderson Official Website

J.W. Anderson at Topshop

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