Style: The Perfect Spanking Outfit

If you’re into a bit of slap and tickle and maybe a good old-fashioned spanking too, then we’ve put together a little outfit for you that can only serve to enhance the experience. Step forward The LateX Collection’s Zip Shirt andRubber Girl’s Spanking Skirt, two fabulous pieces of latex fun which when paired together are eye-poppingly hot.

The Shirt is as sizzling as it looks: the simple adjustable zip running down the front gives you curves if you have none, and makes the most of what you’ve got if you do. Meanwhile, the Spanking Skirt is simply divine: bottom-baring for extra enjoyment, the easy access rear area coupled with the pencil style and almost office-wear frontage means it’s instantly naughty and also extremely sexy. Add some hold-ups and heels, and voilà, you’re ready to rock someone’s world.

Thankfully, no matter what your size you should be able to find a good fit, as between them the Skirt and Shirt range from S to XXL – and with the Pjur Cult Easy Latex Dressing Aid (which also keeps the latex supple and in good condition for storage) you shouldn’t have any problems squeezing yourself in. We’d also advise asking your partner to apply the Pjur Cult Latex Shiner Ultra Shine Spray for you to complete the look: it may be non-rub (which makes it one of the easiest Shiners out there), but a little spray goes a long way, and we can assure you that there’s nothing like a pair of hands all over your latex-clad body to get you in the mood for a good spanking…

Speaking of which, a distinctly unscientific study of the Cliterati team suggests that out of all the spankers around, it’s actually paddles that are our equipment of choice – in this office at least. We have our hearts (and bums) set on the Lovehoney Tease Me Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle as well as the Bondage Boutique Luxury Leather and Suede Paddle. Both these two-sided spankers feature leather on one surface, and smooth satin (or velvety suede) on the other – two contrasting textures for very different sensations. These enable you to play as soft or as hard as you want, making these paddles fantastic all-rounders for beginners and the more experienced alike.

So if you didn’t have a latex fetish or penchant for spanking before you tried this outfit, you’d almost certainly find it hard to resist giving both pursuits another shot once you had. Pair with a paddle for maximum impact.

First published on Cliterati under my Mia More alias


8 Comments on “Style: The Perfect Spanking Outfit”

  1. […] thong I’d save a grand total of…£45 (well what can I say: I have expensive taste)! The skirt, however, I already have – and thankfully it’s spankingly good. Accessorise with this rubber paddle for good measure… First published on Cliterati under […]


  2. Hello, I’ve been reading amongst this site for months now and enjoying the abundance of flavor full literacy… But today my wife has brought it to my attention that she has been in pursuit of a position as an adult toy tester for months. From your massive amounts of information I was praying you could give us a helping hand or a promising lead.. please! It’s hard for meto help her research with my timebeing consumed with deployments and training in the military.. so your help would be GREATLY appreciated.


    • Hi there,
      Thanks for your comment.
      If you were here in the UK I could recommend you try (you pay to join, but this is only for postage for products).
      I don’t know if a company like this exists in the US, but either way your missus should set up her own blog and write reviews on the toys you have thus far. Read Gwennie’s answer here, as I totally agree with it:
      Good luck, and sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance.


      • Thanks soo much for your prompt answer… We’ve taken your great advice and will put it in action… How long have you been using STT.. and have there been any issues at all? Does it pay? Were thinking about trying it out too…


        • STT doesn’t pay, but it’s a good way to start. No issues with them – their lady Suie is very communicative and accommodating – except that the quality of the items vary, but then that’s the same everywhere: sex toys are such a big market you never know what you’re going to like until you get experienced (in which case you learn your trusted brands, and can pretty much tell immediately if anything’s going to be any good or not just from seeing a J-peg online, or the product still unwrapped in its packaging. And even then it’s nice to be pleasantly surprised when you’re wrong!).

          But have a look at other *quality* sex toy reviews such as and well-known sex toy tester websites such as to get an idea of what readers and manufacturers look for.

          Many online sex toy stores also allow their buyers to write reviews online, so you could get some writing practise there, although it does mean you’d need to buy some sex toys first.

          And *definitely* start a blog site and get yourself visibly out there – as Gwennie said in the answer above.

          Good luck.


  3. […] on from my last piece on the perfect spanking outfit, I thought we’d investigate the humble – or should that be ‘humbling’ – paddle […]


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