Lelo TIANI 2 Review

Lelo TIANI 2 remote and massager: on the left is the remote, on the right is the massager.

Well, where to start this review of the Lelo TIANI 2 except to say that the words “mind-blowing sex” may have been uttered more than once following its various testing sessions. Yes, this is Lelo’s most recent incarnation of the original TIANI 2, this time with more wireless capability (“3x greater range than all other wireless masturbators”, according to Lelo) and fifty percent more powerful vibrations for added Oomph – or even Ooooh. Happily it’s also fully waterproof for bath or shower fun.

Indeed, the TIANI 2 offers a whole world of pleasurable possibilities, as there are simply so many variations of use. Let’s start with exploring the remote control itself: in SenseMotion Mode 1, tilting the remote from a horizontal to a vertical position increases the vibration intensity of the massager, whilst SenseMotion Mode 2 makes the massager vibrate more or less depending on how fast or slow you shake the remote (forget air guitar, this is the very latest in air wanking technology).

Since there are six different vibration settings to choose from, this gives you an irresistible array of play options. Not only that, but you can also use the remote as a vibrator as it mirrors the main massager – unless you want to turn this feature off, in which case the remote flashes instead of vibrating, allowing you to keep track of what the massager’s doing without your hand rattling in tandem. In any case, being able to adjust the intensity without interrupting your flow (for example in order to remove the internal massager and manually fiddle about with its settings) is just blissful – literally. You can also use the massager entirely on its own without the remote should you choose to do so.

Essentially what this all means is that practically the TIANI 2 consists of two separate vibrators, which for a couple makes it a wonderfully democratic toy – especially as when the remote’s in vibration mode it tunes to the exact same setting as the massager, letting you both enjoy the same sensations at the same time. Unless of course you decide to use the two parts of the TIANI 2 on one partner at once (wholeheartedly recommended)!

That’s the theory, so what’s it like in practise? Well, it’s worth bearing in mind that the first time Cliterati used the TIANI 2 during sex we weren’t convinced: Mr More is extremely well blessed, so it was rather an uncomfortable squeeze to fit him in alongside the toy. However, the second time we tested the TIANI 2 we added extra Lelo Personal Moisturizer, extended the foreplay, tried some different positions, and our minds were blown – again, and again, and…yes, just there, please don’t stop, oh god that feels good, again – and we wondered how we’d ever lived without it.

Because once you’ve found an arrangement that suits and got your head around the controls, the TIANI 2 is actually pretty simple. Instead of hard plastic, the silicone is firm yet soft against your skin, and the slim flexible end of the massager (which fits into your vagina or anus) is easy to manipulate so that the bigger vibrating end sits comfortably on your clit (or perineum). Although it isn’t strictly necessary, in order that we could bounce around the bedroom without fear of the TIANI 2 slipping out (yes, you’ll be glad to hear Cliterati is athletic where it counts), we found that the best way to hold the massager in place was to wear it with the sexiest pair of knickers we could get our hands on (Lelo’s silk French Maid shorts would do nicely). Since Cliterati’s undies were still in place and had to be pushed aside for penetration, this also had the added bonus of making our play feel even naughtier.

Likewise, the power games the TIANI 2 lends itself to are endless (such as one partner holding the remote whilst the other partner can only feel the vibrations if – and when – the controller decides), as are the potential role plays. These options become even more mind-boggling when you consider that for Cliterati the remote worked throughout the upstairs of the house, right through the walls. Now not only does the TIANI 2 put a whole new spin on romantic evenings out or a night on the dancefloor, but suddenly the daily commute, the housework and even an obligatory dinner with your partner’s colleagues doesn’t seem so bad…

As an alternative wedding present for open-minded friends, you couldn’t go far wrong with gifting the TIANI 2(think about it: their marital sex life would be set up for…life). But since they say charity begins at home, Cliterati suggests you delve deep, take the plunge, and experience TIANI 2 “mind-blowing sex” for yourselves: its limitless pleasure and play possibilities make it the perfect toy for couples. A joy.

If you’re looking for fun and innovative ways to use your Tiani 2, then Lelo have released their own free How-To Manual: You Two & Tiani 2 which you can read more about here.


First published on Cliterati

6 Comments on “Lelo TIANI 2 Review”

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  4. Julie-Anne says:

    Looks like Tiani 3 is on the way now too, though not for the US market.


    • Thanks Julie-Anne, I wasn’t aware of that.
      Speaking of Lelo, I tried their new toy the Ida this weekend…and so a review will be forthcoming soon!
      Nice undies, by the way 😀


      • Julie-Anne says:

        Thanks 🙂

        I look forward to reading your review of the Lelo Ida – the ones I’ve seen so far have been quite a mixed bag.

        And now we have the Lelo Hula Beads on the way too 🙂 Lots of exciting new toys to play with.




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