Review: Vinyl Fitted Fetish Sheet

There are certain occasions when a vinyl sheet would come in useful during sex. Not only during your time of the month, when for practical reasons a little extra bed linen protection would come in handy, but also when a spot of sploshing, also known as WAM (wet and messy fetish), is the order of the day. That’s right, maybe some sploshing, squirting, massage oil or water sports – take your pick. Whichever activity you choose, we’re guessing you don’t want to ruin your Egyptian cotton with chocolate sauce, oil stains or to sleep in the (extremely) wet patch. And that’s where the Fetish vinyl fitted sheet comes in extremely useful.

In fact, so useful is the sheet that it can be used on the floor too (which is great for avoiding sticky handprints on bedroom walls). Although the Fetish fitted our (European Kingsize, which is bigger than UK Kingsize) IKEA mattress more than adequately, being as it is 220cm x 220cm, we here at Cliterati opted to lay it over a rug in the living room, which made it rather more versatile. It also meant that we could put the fire on and stay extra-warm as we played, as there’s nothing colder than being greased up and mucking about on a vinyl sheet dressed in nothing but your birthday suit.

Thankfully there’s also very little as enjoyable as being greased up and mucking about on a vinyl sheet dressed in nothing but your birthday suit – dammit, not only is it slippery and sexy, it’s also goodhearted, silly fun – and as such Cliterati can’t resist a recommendation. So go on, whack the heating up, spoon out the ice-cream and chocolate sauce, cover yourselves in champagne, beer, massage oil or lube – or hell, all of the above – and get nekkid. Just make sure you don’t dine on asparagus before attempting any pee play (trust us, we’ve been there)!

This review is written about this particular sheet: £39.99 from Lovehoney

Click here for the other variations of PVC and vinyl bedlinen available at Lovehoney


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