Toy Review: We-Vibe Thrill

Being a fan of the (at least!) two-pronged approach to masturbation involving a pair of vibrators, I’m always on the look-out for the one single toy which successfully incorporates both clitoral and G-spot stimulation. There are many products on the market which claim to do this, but personally I’ve yet to find one which hits the spot(s) as well as two separate vibes do.

Having been disappointed many years ago by the Rock Chick (I’m sure subsequent versions have improved it exponentially), I wasn’t certain how I’d find the similarly-shaped We-Vibe Thrill. Although it is a bit of a challenge due to his size, my well-hung husband and I enjoy using our We-Vibe 3 together – ditto the similar Lelo version, the Tiani 2 – but these are couples toys, and I was dubious as to whether the Thrill would pack the same punch on a solo tip.

Granted, the Thrill’s slightly longer and wider at the internal end, and there’s a handle to ably manoeuvre it into place over your clitoral area (a handle which, by the way, I think is design genius), but would that be enough to deliver what the Thrill promises: “an elegant vibrator that stimulates both the G-spot and clitoris” – in other words, the toy I’ve long been searching for?

Well, in my opinion I’d say that We-Vibe got some of that correct with regards to clitoral stimulation – but then we’re not all physically made genitally identical. Let me explain: although the Thrill’s external vibrator was great (though not incredible), and the whole toy was wonderfully flexible and didn’t pinch like the Lelo Ina 2 rabbit (which because of the short space between the long internal arm and the external finger can painfully pinch your clitoral area rather than caress it, depending on your body), for me the internal arm got nowhere near my G-spot.

That might be anatomical rather than anything, but just like the aforementioned Ina 2 I’d say that the We-Vibe Thrill could turn out to be an expensive gamble – not because it has the potential to be painful like the Ina 2, but because it might not satisfy you internally – i.e.: deliver at least half of what the sales pitch says it should.

Fortunately, however, although you can’t try before you buy, we’re here to help you at least take an educated guess on a product based on your likes and dislikes.

For example: I may be a ‘size queen’ simply because of personal taste and because I’m used to Mr More’s unusually large appendage, but I have female friends who for medical reasons, or just through sheer preference would rather engage with a small cock (yes lads, there really are women like that out there). I suspect these ladies would find this toy easier to take than your standard rabbit. In fact, I have one particular friend who would welcome the Thrill for that very reason, and if she still wants it once I’ve thoroughly washed then sterilised mine with Lelo Antibacterial Cleaner Spray, then she’s welcome to it!

But if like me you enjoy ‘feeling full’, I suspect the Zini Roae Love Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator (which Lovehoney also sell) would be more likely to deliver on G-spot pressure. However, I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t say for sure. So if you like your men big (or even bigger) and specifically want something from the We-Vibe range, I suggest you buy the We-Vibe 3 for use with a partner.

Meanwhile, for me the search for a single ultimate clitoral and G-spot toy continues: it does take a bit of coordination and arm ache for a two-pronged wankathon, and I’d love to say the We-Vibe Thrill was the holy grail I’d been looking for, but unfortunately for me it didn’t really hit either spot for which it was intended. But we’re all different. Personally, I’m still on the look for a toy that does it all, and at least it will be happy hunting while I’m exploring all the options! I’ll keep you posted…

The We-Vibe Thrill is available from Lovehoney for £119.99

The We-Vibe 3 is available from Lovehoney for £99.99

The Zini Roae Love Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator is available from Lovehoney for £119.99

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