Toy Review: Female Chastity Belt and Butt Plug Harness

Planning to buy a lover some silky underwear for Christmas? It may be time for a rethink: how about underwear made of something else, like leather? Forget bows and ruffles as trimming, and instead add a couple of padlocks for decoration, because we’re talking about the ultimate in naughty knickers: a chastity belt for women complete with removable butt and vaginal plugs.

That’s right: lube me up and lock me in, as said belt may come in a no-frills, no-instructions sealed plastic bag, but let’s face it, no packaging is necessary when the item itself is the wrapping, and what needs covering is yourself or your other half! Indeed, the adjustable chastity belt is blindingly simple to use, and according to Bondara would “fit most” people.

I would assume this “most” goes for the vaginal and butt plugs too, as not only can you attach them to the belt wherever you like, they’re not particularly big and very manageable – in fact, they’re exactly the same size, ie: small. In any case they’re also removable, so you can add or subtract at will. In fact, the second time we tried the chastity belt Mr More and I eschewed the plugs it came with in favour of our own favourite remote control toys, which led to a very enjoyable few hours at the pub together – although yes, some drinks were spilled in the testing of this product!

Before you get your knickers in a twist, there’s also a version for men complete with cock cage, and happily also a chastity belt for plus-size women (without plugs). We haven’t tried either of these, but they both certainly look the part. However, if you’re buying this belt as a gift, you’ll also want to buy a nice box to put it in before you present it to your intended. If you like to dominate and be submissive too, you may even want to buy a belt for each of you for an equally balanced power-play experience.

Indeed, Bondara’s range of Chastity Belt and Butt Plug Harnesses for men and women bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘control pants’. Now where did we hide those keys…

Chastity Belt and Butt Plug Harness for women is available from Bondara for £24.99

Chastity Belt and Butt Plug Harness for men is available from Bondara for £31.99

Plus-Size Chastity Belt for women is available from Bondara for £19.99