Toy Review: Doc Johnson Pucker Up Vibrating Clitoral And Vaginal Pump

Pucker up Vibrating Clitoral And Vaginal Pump by Doc JohnsonHaving tried several pussy pumps in the past, each of which failed in some way with regards to fit, suction ability, and, sustainability (ie: one particular product actually fell apart in our hands), it was with some trepidation that we approached the Doc Johnson Pucker Up Vibrating Clitoral and Vaginal Pump – not least because its name was one helluva mouthful.

Thankfully, however, this Doc Johnson version did in fact deliver where every other sorry pussy pump had failed: namely the cup remained in place once the pump had been applied (despite a drop of lube), and happily the integral vibrator vibrated as promised. Unfortunately there was no puckering up of the actual vagina (but then surely engorging the vagina with an external labial pump is anatomically impossible, and thus the mere mention of said feature is actually a total misnomer), so we think Pucker Up Vibrating Clitoral Pump is a perfectly adequate title for the product.

Apart from the lengthy and slightly misleading name, there are several areas where this item could be improved with regards to the cup itself: Firstly the shape of the cup could be lengthened to entirely cover the clitoris down to the lower labia; secondly it could be deeper to allow more space for the area to swell (currently it just gives you a teasing taste of the potential for engorgement); and finally the cup could be curved to mimic the shape of the body better.

That said, the Doc Johnson Pucker Up Vibrating Clitoral and Vaginal Pump is a great starting point to explore the fun pussy pumps have to offer: it really does feel fantastically naughty and sexy to have your nether regions inflated and vibrated in this way, and the ultra-sensitivity and tingling that the Pump imparted lasted well over an hour after our session had finished – cheeky! If you’re someone who struggles to reach orgasm, this toy could become an essential part of your foreplay. If on the other hand you climax more easily, just pump and go and ride with the vibes, you lucky lady!

The Doc Johnson Pucker Up Vibrating Clitoral and Vaginal Pump is available from Lovehoney for £22.99 

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