Eroticon 2013 – K D Grace’s Ten Minute Erotica Writing Exercise

Fresh from the inspirational, stimulating and exceedingly welcoming weekend that was Eroticon 2013 (let’s learn to writesexright, write rite right?!), I thought it would be fun to share the scripts some of us wrote in the final Creative Writing session of the conference.

Experienced and encouraging author K D Grace set us the exercise of beginning a narrative in medias res – from the midpoint of the story. She suggested we write for ten minutes, starting slap-bang in the middle of the action: no preamble, no introduction, no easing the reader in gently.

I found this a fascinating challenge time-wise, as I soon realised that with my method of writing, using pen and paper extremely was tricky because I was constantly editing and revising what I’d just written. Instead, I had to move onto Notes on my iPhone so that I could move sections of text around and delete and amend as necessary. This had the result of a rather short and embarrassingly clichéd paragraph of text: I don’t really go for the ripped, athletic type, but nonetheless my female character was mesmerised by her man’s unusual physical prowess. Please don’t hold it against me…

Emily studied Nick as he stood there, feet planted firmly on the ground and parted slightly to accommodate his burgeoning desire. She let her gaze travel upward, tracing over the rough terrain of his finely defined abdominals, up to the broad plains of his chest and then across to his wide shoulders. Finally she let her eyes climb to his lips, where a slight smile rested at the corners, belying good humour as well as expectant arousal.

So now it’s your turn: ten minutes of your unedited/ uncorrected prose please, and yes, you can also try this at home kids – just remember to start in medias res (in the middle of the drama). Exciting times!

12 thoughts on “Eroticon 2013 – K D Grace’s Ten Minute Erotica Writing Exercise

  1. Hi there, here’s mine from the same session. I was scribbling away and then realised I could have my folks naked, yay. This saved time and got me into the action, rawr.

    “Fucking Hell, you’re hot.” I turned to kiss the spot on his neck just below the ear,. He smelt of heat, oak and aniseed.

    “You’re not too bad yourself, love. “ He replied grasping my naked breast and squeezing it, testing its boundaries and drawing in to pluck my hard nipple.

    “Why thank you kind sir,” I mocked, nipping at his earlobe with my teeth and resting my hand on his hip. I felt the throb, throb, throb of the club next door. It was as insistent as the cock pressing against my thigh. I forgot for a moment how much trouble I was in, I forgot for a moment who I was, who owned me, who named me his and gave myself over to something new. Something fun, something ecstatic. Joyous, flippant sex.

    My skin as liquid as if it had taken on the qualities of it’s colour, pale as milk. I flowed into him, onto him and mixed with the treacled perfection that was his naked body beside mine. Cupped as we were we could have gone either way but I wanted to be on top.

    Micky never let me do that but Steve would, I knew it. He fell back with my gentle push, he needed no persuasion and I scrambled, eager to have him in me, to feel complete. I wanted it more than anything and that fucking scared me.


    1. Ooh, brilliant. Love that club wub-wub in the background. Cheers Miss Blisse!

      I’m so intrigued about seeing the different content we all came up with in that ten minutes – and the different styles of writing too…


  2. I know you’ve heard this but this one is mine. It’s up on the blog now too, btw.

    “Excuse me?” I say, my jaw nearly unhinging from the shock.

    I have no time to contemplate just how wrong this whole shebang is because Jase pushes me against the cold, hard brick wall and silences me with an all-devouring kiss.The impact of the wall against my back makes me cry out in pain but slivers of pleasure build up in my stomach as he unzips his jeans and reveals his cock, proudly erect.

    I’m momentarily lost for words, the worry of Jade returning from the market protruding in my mind but as he kisses me again, pressing his dick against my hip in the process, I lose the will to care.

    My pussy is so wet, it has taken over my headspace and all I can hear is the words “Fuck him, fuck him, fuck him” on repeat.

    He opens me, not just my pussy, every metaphorical inch of me. His breath hot on my neck, his hands rough and calloused on my breasts, his moans, his guttural “I must have you now” moans and finally, blessedly, his cock inside me.

    I am fucking Jade’s boyfriend and I don’t give a shit.

    After all, she never did.


  3. Despite being told otherwise, I just couldn’t launch right into the action – but it’s pretty close to the start of the action. 😉 I had a laptop so I got quite a bit down. A bit of m/m from characters who have appeared on my blog before: This bit below is their first time.


    Air rushed through the cabin of the semi-trailer. Brendan’s face was red, flushed, and he grinned like a mad thing as he swung the trailer to a stop, the wheels bumping along gravely the side of road, sending a shudder through the cabin.

    The shudder, for Marc, was altogether different.

    As the trailer lurched to a stop, Marc throwing his hands forward to brace himself, he started laughing. Brendan joined him, and when Marc looked back up, Brendan was, for the first time since he met him that afternoon, smiling through his laughter. He looked happy.

    “You’re fucking mad!” Marc cried, meaning it, not meaning it.

    Brendan finished his chuckles, and exhaled. “Yeah… but you like it, don’t you?”

    And he winked at Marc.

    It was all Marc needed to lean across the space of the cabin and kiss him.

    He met resistance. Brendan’s mouth had been open, but he only got lips, and teeth. But once where Marc would have pulled back, feeling imminent rejection, he cupped the back of Brendan’s head, and eased his lips to fit against Brendan’s own.

    When Brendan allowed him in, Marc’s centre could have melted.

    Brendan’s hands were still on the wheel. Marc didn’t touch them, but went straight to cup Brendan’s cock and balls through his jeans. Brendan was hard beneath the denim, as hard as the rocks outside beyond the cabin. Marc massaged, squeezed, wanting Brendan to beg him, wanting to hear he wanted him. Brendan moaned, and Marc brushed his lips across Brendan’s cheek and down his neck, and sunk his teeth into Brendan’s pale skin.

    “Fuck yes!”

    Marc used one hand to get Brendan’s belt undone, to unzip him. Only then did Brendan’s hands leave the wheel, and he yanked his jeans down over his hips, allowing Marc to feel his cock through the cotton of his underwear.


  4. Hello! Thanks for this post – it’s a great idea to have this as a hub for all the pieces. I’ve put a link up on my blog. Hope people see it.

    Anyway, my story is here. Hope it brings everyone great joy and a warm fuzzy orgasm. Or something.


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