Toy Review: Palm Power Mains Powered Massager Wand

palm power wand image review

Ever had a stealth orgasm, an orgasm that takes you by surprise, leaving you reeling through its sheer unexpected intensity? Well, if you try the Palm Power massager you might just clock in a super-quick climax, which is why this baby is now at Number 2 on my previous Top Three Vibrator Wands list – and without the £169.99 price-tag of The Eroscillator Deluxe at Number 1 (amazing as it is).

So what is it that could possibly bump the extremely effective Bodywand Magic Vibrator to a still respectable third place (after all, the competition is super-steep)? I’ll tell you: the Palm Power massager is smaller, lighter, more portable, just as user-friendly and generally less cumbersome than the Bodywand – and every bit as impressive as its larger rivals currently in vogue.

The Palm Power is switched on, off and controlled by the same one button, which increases the vibrations until you remove your finger at your required intensity. In some respects this is a useful device as it means you can easily and quickly get the toy exactly where you want, but since the Palm Power is so powerful, occasionally you might actually want to decrease the pressure (gasp!), and to do that you have to switch it off and start at the beginning again. This is easily done – and fast – but it’s annoying not to be able to just drop a speed or two if and when you fancy something a bit more gentle. After all, this is one strong-armed wand, and subtlety is not really in its vocabulary.

Thankfully though, the Palm Power comes complete with a removable silky 100% silicone cap. This softens the harshness of the mains-powered vibrations against your sensitive body parts, without losing the intensity (something I find other wands are lacking). The Palm Power also has four additional screw-on heads which you can buy separately: firstly I tried the two Sensual Massager Wand Heads pack, which includes the Palm Below(intended for G-Spot stimulation) and the Palm Dual (which is rather like a Rabbit, aiming as it does for both clitoral and G-Spot fun).

As with the Bodywand’s equivalent accessories, I found the accompanying G-spot Palm Below appendage lacking: although wonderfully silky to the touch thanks to the phthalate-free 100% silicone, it’s simply too wobbly and flexible to apply satisfactory pressure your most sensitive of internal areas, and too small to be effective with regards to those who fancy a bit of penetration. Meanwhile, although the Rabbit-like Palm Dual happily conveyed the vibrations of the wand itself, for me personally it fell short – but that may be more a case of anatomy rather than anything else, since I don’t really get on with Rabbits in general (but if you do – hey, don’t take my word for it!).

However, when it came to the Palm Finger and Palm Curve (which come in the Palm Power Body Massager Wand Heads accessories pack), I was surprised to find that they both did the job. The Palm Finger nicely kneads every part of your hand and palm, and while this may sound like a strange attachment for a sex toy brand to make, if you’ve ever had a professional full-body massage you’ll know that the part of the treatment where they reach the hand is both an unexpected de-stressor and an extremely sensual experience. In addition, the Palm Curve was surprisingly successful when used vertically over the clitoral area rather than horizontally, as is shown in the image (when it’s actually designed to glide right over your arms, legs and body).

If you’re going to buy a plug-in wand, personally I’d plump for the Palm Power massager: its lightweight design means it’s easier to manoeuvre than heavier wands, and whilst it could numb your body with overuse just as well as its bigger sisters (there’s a great comic strip by Erica Moen about this particular desensitising side-effect of using wands), the Palm Power’s got the slightly softer silicone head included, which makes it infinitely less aggressive and yet equally effective. Always use with silicone-friendly water-based lube and you’ll never look back. If you like a good body massage or you’re a fan of perfunctory self-fucking (and let’s face it, these days we’re all pushed for time – in every area of our lives), you need this in your life. Impressive.

The Palm Power Mains Powered Massager Wand is available from Simply Pleasure for £74.95

The Palm Power Body Massager Wand Heads are available from Simply Pleasure for £19.95

The Palm Power Sensual Massager Wand Heads are available from Simply Pleasure for £24.95

Simply Pleasure’s Water-based Lubricant is available for £4.95

Antibacterial Sex Toy Spray is available from Simply Pleasure for £7.45


The Bodywand is available from Lovehoney for £59.99

The Bodywand G-Spot Magic Wand attachment is available from Lovehoney for £22.99

The Bodywand Rabbit Magic Wand attachment is available from Lovehoney for £22.99


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