Toy Review: Electrastim Flick Duo Stimulation Multi-Pack EM80


ElectraStim EM80-M Flick Dual-Channel Rechargeable Electro Sex Set
ElectraStim EM80-M Flick Dual-Channel Rechargeable Electro Sex Set

In Cliterati’s local adult shop the electro-sex section is in the dungeon-themed area, which is rather misleading as electro-sex isn’t necessarily about pain. In fact, it’s about increasing pleasure. This can mean longer, more intense orgasms (especially if you play with bringing yourself back from the brink time and again), and improved sensation. Imagine your whole body deliciously vibrating almost on a cellular level and you’ll be halfway there.

If you’re feeling flush and fancy trying something a bit different, then you may like to invest in an electro-sex pack that will set you up for life. We were sent Electrastim’s Flick Duo Stimulation Multi-Pack EM80-M, and after exploring the experience were more than reassured that it was worth the price – especially since it contains a dual-channel system enabling two people to use it at once, or one person with two separate toys (mind-blowing!). This particular kit bundle also comes with a Stubby ElectraProbe, suitable for anal and vaginal use, some extremely versatile ElectraPads and a pair of ElectraLoop cock rings, as well as the all-essential electro-conductive gel which makes for a more sensational electro-sex experience.

So what does it actually feel like in action? Well, if you’ve ever tried a TENS machine or electro muscle stimulator you’ll know the sensation of your muscles tensing and relaxing and tensing and relaxing again, and you’ll also appreciate that it doesn’t hurt, it just feels kind of tingly. Furthermore, with twenty-four intensity settings running the gamut of seven continuous or pulsating patterns, you’re sure to find something to suit you whatever your preference. Add Electrastim’s Flick facility into the mix, and you can adjust the entire experience as easily as ‘Flicking’ the handset, ably inventing your own perfectly-tailored stimulation pattern in the process. However, we have to say that Cliterati actually preferred the pre-set patterns – which of course means that Electrastim must be doing something very right! Also, a word of advice: apply the pads or hold the conductive object before you turn the handset power on and up, or you won’t be able to gauge your response correctly and will get an immediate electric shock – and not in a sexy way.

With regards to safety, of course electro-sex is not suitable for everyone (those with heart-conditions amongst others), however – and this might not be sexy, but it’s worth mentioning – from our experience using the dual-channel machine with two pads stuck to your stomach actually works wonders as an antidote to crippling period cramps when nothing else seems to help (disclaimer: It’s not medically approved to be used in this way, so please check with your healthcare provider first). In our book, for that pain-relief alone it’d be worth every penny. And all of this equipment fits into a surprisingly small box: the handset and basic accoutrements alone sit in packaging akin to the size of a mobile phone, making it eminently portable.

Moreover, once you’ve got your base starter kit you can add accessories as you go. At Erotica 2013 Electrastim’s ElectraPaddle Leather Spanking Paddle was a sell-out sensation, and you could barely see the stand due to customer interest in the company’s ever-expanding electro collection. We were lucky enough to try the Electrastim Rocket Dildo which is handy for clitoral stimulation (due to its domed tip) and perfect for size queens thanks to its length and girth (also due to its domed tip). We have our eyes set on the gorgeous Electrastim Wave Dildo next, which promises a softer approach with just as much sensation.

But just remember that steel isn’t as forgiving as silicone, so you may like to start small. This is where the Stubby ElectraProbe included in the Flick Duo Multi-Pack EM80-M comes in perfectly, as it’s less invasive but has a very similar effect. One thing that could be improved in this particular item is where the metal meets the plastic: this meeting point would be more hygienic if it was completely flush with no ridges (however small, they are noticeable and an easy place for bacteria to hide), so don’t forget to buy some sex toy sterilising spray to give The Stubby a thorough clean before and after use.

Since The Stubby’s also suited for anal play it’s great for men too (although be careful not to insert it too far: if you want deeper penetration you’ll need a toy with a bigger flared base like the T-Bar), while the Electra-Loop cock rings – extremely well-received by Cliterati’s complete electro-beginner who tested it – are only the start of the fun when it comes Electrastim’s male accessories range.

So let’s make 2014 the year that electro play is finally appreciated as far less scary and far more sexy than at first glance. It really is accessible to all, from those who like a gentle tingle to those who actually do like their electro-stim toys displayed in a dungeon, thank you very much. Indeed, whatever your approach, if you’re lucky enough to enjoy the Electrastim Flick Duo Stimulation Multi-Pack EM80-M today, you can rest assured that your electro-sex experience will prove sensational for years to come. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to electrify your sex life!

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