Erotica Excerpt: Adonis

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I felt him before I saw him, and as the running machine behind me sprang to life I knew for sure. His presence was magnetic: the hairs on the back of my neck prickled, my shoulders tensed involuntarily, and I felt his eyes burning imprints into my body. My steps slackened in self-awareness, and as I felt the treadmill drawing me back towards him I attempted a clumsy sprint. Then I found my pace, picked up speed and ran from my desire for him.

As my warm-down came to an end I suddenly felt his absence: he’d gone. I looked around and caught a panther-like flash of him going into the changing room. This was the game we’d been playing for weeks – since I’d started at the gym, in fact. It was a cat-and-mouse game of surreptitious glances and stolen stares. The rules seemed to be that no eye-contact should be made and no words spoken, but still somehow we had made our intentions felt through our training. We’d observe one another reflected multiple times in the weight room mirrors: I’d turn my back on him whilst I did my reps, and see his body angled towards me, his hot gaze on my flexing muscles. In response he’d take to the bench press next-but-one to me and work out by my side, every powerful lift denoting his desire for me, every stretch a silent supplication, every movement sending his warm scent my way.

Today was no different: we’d been skirting around each other for an hour or so, and I’d become half-crazy with lust for him. Even outside the gym my mind had been racing with infinite imaginary scenarios of he and I kissing and coupling, sucking and fucking, and now that I’d seen him again I wanted his cock in my mouth – in fact, I wanted to drink him dry. My body felt hot with yearning, and I felt I couldn’t wait any longer to feel his skin against mine for the first time. But now he’d left I wasn’t sure what to do – was I supposed to follow him? Doubt set in: had I misconstrued the situation? Maybe it was just some idle flirting to make his workout sessions that little bit more interesting. Well, there was only one way to find out: I waited for a few moments wondering whether I was enjoying the anticipation too much to end it with the event itself, and then my need got the better of me. After all, there’s nothing quite like the element of risk to heighten sexual excitement. So, with a cursory look around at my fellow gym-goers I followed my man.

Ever-optimistic, I’d been carrying condoms to my last few visits to the gym in the hope that something might happen, so after a quick stop by my locker for some protection and lube I headed for the showers. I stopped to see if there was anyone else around – there wasn’t. Scoping the cubicles I guessed my man must be at the far end. My heart was hammering in my chest as I approached. This was make or break for me – had I made a mistake, misread the signs? I could see the back of his head and shoulders over the door, and the outline of his body through the frosted glass. As my need got the better of me I took a deep breath and stepped towards him.

There were plenty of straight men out there who’d flirted with the idea of touching me and taking my cock in their mouths, but more than once when it came to the crunch I’d been left disappointed as their courage failed them. I hesitated, torn, unsure whether in this instance my gaydar was correct. Just as I spun on my heels to leave, my magnet turned around. Again, I felt rather than saw him, and turning back, for the first time my eyes met his. With a burnt umber ring around the iris they were much darker brown than I’d imagined, slightly almond-shaped, and framed by thick lashes.

Finally seeing him face-on I realised he was even better looking than I’d initially thought. His ebony skin was pulled tightly across impressive cheekbones, a sensual, strong nose stood proudly in his face and his lips were full and inviting. His expression was open and intelligent. As he smiled in acknowledgement I suddenly felt embarrassed that I’d doubted him and been so close to wimping out. In response I pulled myself up taller, and with a show of confidence I didn’t actually feel, threw back my shoulders and pushed open the cubicle door to meet him.