Erotica Excerpt: Adonis

I felt him before I saw him, and as the running machine behind me sprang to life I knew for sure. His presence was magnetic: the hairs on the back of my neck prickled, my shoulders tensed involuntarily, and I felt his eyes burning imprints into my body. My steps slackened in self-awareness, and as … More Erotica Excerpt: Adonis

Toy Review: Robo Fuk Sex Machine

Ever on the hunt for a decent sex machine, we were lucky enough to get our hands on the Robo Fuk by Love Botz. Suitable for both men and women it comes complete with realistic accessories, namely a Fleshlight-esque sleeve and a bendable dildo that can be shaped to your preferred angle.

At first glance the RF seems promising: easily set-up and with one page of simple instructions, it’s neither too big nor too small and you can store it under your bed. The first issue reveals itself when you plug the machine in: unfortunately the mains lead slips out at the slightest provocation – rather frustrating when the entire product is designed around moving parts. … More Toy Review: Robo Fuk Sex Machine

Toy Review: Jimmyjane Form 5

Being in the enviable position of owning all five Jimmyjane Form vibrators, I feel qualified to comment on the sole piece missing from my collection, the Form 5.

Like the rest of its Jimmyjane stablemates #5 is visually arresting, being beautiful enough to be an ‘objet’ (the Jj designers really do have an exceptional eye). Its shape is unusual but aesthetically pleasing: it has two upright wings like a bird poised to take flight, and its – oh look: Form – screams understated innovation. It even charges in a tasteful way, elegantly displayed on a white stand. … More Toy Review: Jimmyjane Form 5

Toy Review: 8″ Realistic Vibrating Cock by Doc Johnson

There have been a number of innovations in the erotic industry since the simple cord or screw-based battery vibrator of a few decades ago, yet these original designs are still selling well – albeit with a few all-essential tweaks.

Take for example Doc Johnson’s eight inch Vibrating Realistic Cock, modeled on an actual erect penis. Available in two tones, Black or Cream, despite its outmoded electronics it updates this classic conception, thrusting us into the present day thanks to its lifelike look and feel. The shaft has detailed veins and a carefully crafted frenulum and glans (not a phrase one expects to hear every day!). It also has a pair of convincing balls at the bottom – albeit balls with a flat base – for that all-important sack-slap against the body. … More Toy Review: 8″ Realistic Vibrating Cock by Doc Johnson

Toy Review: Tunnel Butt Plug by Perfect Fit

this butt plug is dedicated to the darkest of pleasures, taking anal sex to a whole new level…

Indeed, designed with extreme naughtiness in mind, as it says on the tin the USP of this product is its integrated tunnel, which with a little imagination can lead to all different kinds of subversive scenarios. Depending on the size of the Plug (Medium, Large or Extra Large), you can insert fingers, lube, a vibrator or whatever takes your fancy into the hole. From douching or erotica enemas, watersports to humiliation play there isn’t much you couldn’t do with this plug: since it doesn’t trap air you could even wear it all day at the office. Naughty!
More Toy Review: Tunnel Butt Plug by Perfect Fit

Toy Review: Zoe Twistty by Maia Toys

From bespoke sex furniture to anal exercisers, in an office brimming with adult items it’s rare that a vibrator catches the eye of Cliterati staff. But then Maia’s Zoe Twistty is no ordinary vibe: its double-ended design means double the fun!

So, how does it work? Well, the narrower tip of the Zoe is slightly curved and tapered for focused use, with gentle undulating waves molded into its silicone underside. Whether inserted to apply pressure to the G-spot or used with lashings of lube on the clitoris or labia, it’s sure to hit its target. These vibrations are at somewhat of a higher frequency than those emanating from the rumbling, ribbed egg-shaped end.
More Toy Review: Zoe Twistty by Maia Toys

Erotica Excerpt: Taking The Train Through Spain

Have you ever fucked anyone on a train? I have, and it was a night I’ll never forget.

I’d been visiting friends in Southern Spain, and was headed back to the UK. My finances at the time didn’t cover a plane ticket, and time not being an issue I’d decided that rail travel would be the next best option. My journey down had been uneventful – enjoyable even, since I’d randomly met some great people on the train – and after a couple of weeks of sunning myself in Seville it was time to return home.

My friends saw me off, and with a reciprocal wave and wide smile I turned and went to find my carriage. Like a French ‘couchette’, this was an old-fashioned carriage with long seats during the day that converted into four bunks at night. Thankfully my compartment seemed empty – all mine, at least for now. I couldn’t believe my luck. … More Erotica Excerpt: Taking The Train Through Spain

Toy Review: Rabbits – Soraya, Whooper, Bondara Silicone, Amorino, Tingly Timmy

Ably pipping its Lelo counterpart the Ina 2 to the post, the Soraya is worth the price you pay for a toy from the Lelo luxury brand (surprisingly this is not always the case, as demonstrated by some of their more ‘experimental’ products of late such as the much derided Pino).

Smooth silicone and powerful vibes combine in the Soraya to boast two motors and six settings for a more flexible experience than the Ina 2. Indeed, it’s the Soraya’s less rigid clit-stim finger that sends it shooting up the list past its Lelo stablemate – in our eyes at least. … More Toy Review: Rabbits – Soraya, Whooper, Bondara Silicone, Amorino, Tingly Timmy

Toy Review: Best Mains-Powered Wand Vibrators

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we here at Cliterati have gone all out to update our previous Best Mains-Powered Wands (MPW) review, with the result that there are two new Wands sitting pretty in the top two spots.

Of course, since our previous number one The Eroscillator is unusual in both approach and experience, for the purposes of fairness Cliterati is merely going to mention its superlative success rate (as well as its unattainable price for many!) and move on to exploring the more standard mains-powered wands available on t’interweb that are actually comparable to one another. … More Toy Review: Best Mains-Powered Wand Vibrators