Toy Review: Frisky Faux Fox Fur Tail Butt Plug


There are two main situations where an online store runs out of stock on an item: one is that the product’s so popular supply doesn’t meet demand, the other is that the thingummy isn’t any cop and isn’t selling, so the vendors aren’t likely to get any more of them in. Fortunately, I had a feeling that the Frisky Faux Fox Tail Anal Plugwas ‘currently unavailable’ for all the right reasons – and I was right.

When I finally received the Tail in the post (thanks Lovehoney for remembering!) it was every bit as fun as it looked online. The packaging was unintimidating with a cheeky illustration of a red-headed siren waving the Tail in a ‘come hither’ way, as well as a small photo of the tail itself.

Pulling the Tail out of the box we were impressed by how full and bushy it was: it feels faux but is still infinitely strokeable and nuzzleable (yes, those are real words) – essentially utterly irresistible. Immediately, this tail reminded us of the original Playboy Bunny girl costume: naughty but cute at the same time. Yes, Frisky’s Faux Fox Tail was so gorgeous you wouldn’t even have to be into Pony or Puppy Play to enjoy it as, fetish scenes aside, this could simply be your ultimate anal accessory.

However, although the box it states that the Tail is suitable for beginners, since it’s clearly a generous Medium size I would err on the side of caution if you’re just starting off. Instead, I’d suggest trying something more petite like the Fashionista Small Glass Bunny Tail which is topped with feathers and…absolutely exquisite!

Hygiene-wise, as Frisky’s tail is faux fur it washes very easily with warm soapy water, and since the butt plug itself is made of shiny TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and is non-porous it’s a doddle to clean. That said, although TPR is generally phthalate-free, there’s nothing on Frisky’s Fox Tail packaging to confirm that their plug is completely body–safe, so it may be wise to cover it with a condom before use (which we here at Cliterati always do for uncertified sex toys anyway).

In short: we love Frisky’s Fox Tail. It’s an absolute must-have. Just remember to buy some water-based lube to ease insertion, as well as a good hygiene spray to clean the plug afterwards. This a big Cliterati Five outta Five: enjoy!

Frisky Fur Fox Tail is available from Lovehoney for £29.99

Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner is available from Lovehoney for £4.99

Liquid Silk Lube is available from Lovehoney for £9.99

Fashionista Feather Bunny Tail butt plug

This piece was originally posted on Cliterati on 10th Jan 2015


Review: Tie & Tease Board Game

1872482-300x300Move over Monogamy, there’s a naughtier board game in town. If you’ve been enjoying the resurgent popularity of BDSM then it’s time to buy into its ultimate kinky accompaniment: the stylishly designed Tie & Tease.

Players throw a D/s die alongside a normal numbered one, picking up themed cards (Role-play, Sensory, Sex, Impact and Contract) to complete sexy tasks as either a Dom(me) or submissive as they compete to complete a circuit of the board. Co-written by Cliterati contributor Molly Moore (of renowned D/s blog Mollysdailykiss), needless to say the cards contain intriguing ideas (to the extent that both the Dom and sub angles prove a winner) and the game leaves players with plenty to discuss and explore together afterwards.

Tie & Tease is a huge favourite at Cliterati as not only is it genuinely exciting (unusual for a board game!) it’s also ideal for opening minds to future experimentation and for blowing fresh air into a long-term relationship. It’s also a great opportunity to explore a side of yourself or a partner you may have never otherwise have enjoyed, and in a light-hearted, safe environment too: after all, your Domme wife may have a submissive side, or your subby boyfriend could be intrigued about being Dominant on occasion. If you wanted some quick-fire fun you could even put the board aside and go straight for the cards. Plus, if bondage isn’t up your street then happily you can still try the vanilla version Tease, which is just as well designed and equally entertaining.

However, if you are in the mood for some thrilling experimentation and fancy indulging your Dom(me), inner submissive or being a ‘Switch’ for an evening – or if you’re simply looking for couples’ kinkspiration – then Tie & Tease will keep you interested and entertained for far longer than its initial outing. You may also like to invest in additional items such as Earthly Body Trio 3-in-1 Mini Massage CandlesFifty Shades Beginners Bondage Kit or the Bondage Boutique Bundle to enhance the experience.

Tie & Tease is available from Lovehoney for £24.99

Tease is available from Lovehoney for £24.99

This piece was originally posted on Cliterati on February 3rd 2015

Archive: BDSM at Ess & Emm Dungeon

Well, where to start? That’s the issue facing Mr More and myself as we survey our surroundings. We’re at renowned dungeon Ess & Emm, and there’s just so much for us to explore: an extensive array of (deep breath) differing paddles, canes, mitts, clamps, harnesses, cuffs, leather and rubber outfits, high-heeled shoes, blinds, blinkers, gags, hoods, spreaders, sleepsacks, bodybags, restraints, ropes and weights – and more.

Even more impressive in its abundance is the bespoke bondage furniture: our bed for the night is a metal four poster with an integrated cage underneath it, where there’s a thin mattress for a slave to sleep (next time we’ll remember to pack one!). There’s a rack, also with a cage underneath, a gynae chair in the bathroom, and a variety of bondage chairs. Fighting for attention is a revolving wheel, a whipping bench, and an electrically powered suspension sling where the head and/ or legs can be moved higher or lower at the touch of a button. The ubiquitous thrusting machine (or Fucking Machine, as they’re known in the business) stands proudly erect at the centre of the studio.

It’s hard to believe that only minutes earlier we were driving through picturesque Warwickshire countryside, through sleepy villages of thatched cottages and grand manor houses. Cliterati can’t quite believe that we are now at one of England’s leading dungeons – it seems so at odds with its conservative neighbours. But nonetheless, nestled in extremely smart surroundings with its own secluded entrance, is this curious two-storey self-catering B&B cottage, our accommodation for the night.

If we have any nerves, they’re quickly dispelled by the warm welcome we receive. As we step through the front door we’re greeted by owner Paula, who walks us through the cottage: a cute country kitchen is stocked with the makings of a full English, in addition to a continental breakfast (which we end up eating as a midnight feast), and there are two good bottles of wine (red and white) and a box of chocolates on the table. It’s all reassuringly normal. Until that is, you notice that many of the walls are decorated with BDSM-themed posters and pictures, as well as S&M sketches by Paula, herself an ex-dominatrix. There are also photos of her in action as Mistress Katya, an occupation she left behind to run a tattoo parlour next door, where she especially enjoys inking fetish customers who might otherwise feel uncomfortable asking a non-scene tattooist for their very personal designs. Paula’s very open about her own introduction to BDSM, telling us that she was a fetish virgin before she met her partner Tony.

This makes Paula a great guide to show new visitors such as ourselves around: we’re able to ask any questions we might have about either the equipment or the accommodation, and we feel comfortable doing so. Tony joins us too, and again, we’re struck by his welcoming manner: we really weren’t expecting a B&B dungeon to have such a homely feel! Tony tells Cliterati that he bought much of the equipment from Fetters, a specialist shop known as “The Savile Row of S&M outfitters”, who had previously also run a dungeon B&B. Ess & Emm itself has been running for around ten years, originally as three separate fully-kitted spaces, before consolidating into the one building we see today.

And what a building it is: hoods, straightjackets, bodybags and needle play may not float our particular boats, but nonetheless Mr More and I are still like kids in a candy store: there’s just so much to explore, and so much naughty fun to be had – a whole floor dedicated to our pleasure! I start by rifling through the cupboard for an outfit and a wig, and I try on at least three sets of shoes before deciding on a Pretty Woman-esque pair of thigh-high black patent boots. They may be a Mens size 10, but I’m not fussed: I want to try (nearly) everything, and I want to try it in style.

By the end of our allotted 6pm-11am stay we have exhausted ourselves but not the studio – there’s so much we just didn’t have time for. Thankfully Tony and Paula mentioned they were relatively relaxed about when we left, so there’s still time for me to squeeze in a spin on the wheel (well, when in Rome…). Mr More dutifully binds me and releases the brake. I’m turned slowly round until my feet are spread-eagled in the air, and my head’s hanging down towards the floor: ‘Hmmm…interesting’ I think. ‘But not for me’.

And that’s one of the great things about Ess & Emm: it gives visitors the opportunity to experiment with new equipment in private, as well as play with familiar kit they simply may not have the space for at home. There really is something for everyone, from the fetish virgin to the expert dungeon enthusiast. Ess & Emm is a great opportunity to escape from the everyday grind, make new friends, rekindle relationships, and to spend a good few hours in the pursuit of pleasure. Because elsewhere, as Tony notes: “Life gets in the way.” And if you don’t believe him, look in the visitors’ book.

This post first appeared on Cliterati, 23rd July 2012

Ess and Emm

Take an interactive tour of the facilities

Ink Lined To Colour Tattoos


This piece originally appeared on Cliterati on 23rd July 2012

Review: Pleaser Seduce Open Back Thigh-high Boots

ImageJust in case you’re under the misapprehension that Richard Gere and Julia Roberts were the stars of Pretty Woman, let me put you straight: the true scene stealers of the film were Vivian’s patent boots – and not only for their condom-storing properties (although let it be known that we here at Cliterati are great fans of being a “safety girl”).

Having lusted after a pair of thigh-high heels since – oooh, let’s take an educated guess…1990 – it was with utter joy that I discovered that Lovehoney sells three different styles of said footwear. They even sell Vivian’s patent lovelies, which we eschewed due to not possessing legs like Roberts’ (which she mentions in Pretty Woman measure “44 inches from hip to toe”). Yup, I may be 5’9″, but even I thought that they’d look welly-like on me.
The Pleaser boots however, looked easier to carry off – primarily because they have laces running all the way up the back which means that you can tighten or loosen them to suit your shape. I figured they’d look less obviously bulky than the Pleasers with the laces up the side, although those looked equally appealing.
Having read the ever-excellent peer reviews on the Lovehoney site, I noticed someone mentioned that if your feet bordered on the wide then it might be worth buying a size up in the Pleaser range. Salient advice, I thought, and then promptly ignored it: “Big mistake. Big. Huge.”
Or rather it would have been, were it not for Lovehoney’s excellent returns policy. As predicted the shoes came up a little too narrow – not much, but just enough to inflict a creeping discomfort over the course of an evening on the dancefloor.
So I sent them back and received a replacement pair of Pleasers within days: these were slightly too long, but more comfortable width-wise. They were also roomy enough to stash my camera and cash for the evening without ruining the silhouette.
If you’ve always wanted a pair of thigh high boots for the bedroom and beyond, then Cliterati can assure you that this particular pair are real Pleasers – plus you can carry your cigs and condoms with ease. Heels are the new handbags don’tcha know, and these babies are gonna treat you so nice you ain’t ever gonna want to let them go. Well, unless you need to trade them for the next size up, that is…
Pleaser Seduce Open Back Thigh-high Boots are available from Lovehoney for £64.99
Pleaser Delight Thigh-high Patent Boots are available from Lovehoney for £64.99
Pleaser Seduce Thigh-high Lace-up Boots are available from Lovehoney for £64.99

Review: Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress and Latex Leggings, Black Lace brand PVC Open Cup Corset, Pjur Latex Shiner

Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress

Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress

Being a cage-dancer at The Snake Pit venue in the Glastonbury Festival’s infamous Shangri-La area brings its own set of challenges – not least what to wear. Because when you’re performing in front of an audience of thousands over several nights, and the idea is to entertain as well as titillate, you can’t go at it half-cocked, especially when the look you’re aiming for is the Tarantino screenplay/ Rodriguez film From Dusk Till Dawn – albeit more upmarket.

This year my first stop for outfit ideas was Lovehoney, who offer an affordable range of latex and, much more importantly, a fantastic returns service, which means that you can swap sizes, items and if necessary get refunds extremely easily. When shopping online and/or for fetish wear, this kind of customer care is essential, as not only can latex quality and size guides differ between brands, but an off-the-peg design may simply not suit your body shape.

Luckily, when I typed Latex into Lovehoney I had plenty of clothing items to choose from (and plenty of latex condoms besides!). My first search was for a latex catsuit which Lovehoney doesn’t stock, although they do have a couple of fabric catsuits. This caused a bit of a rethink, and considering the practicalities of catsuits at Glastonbury (ease of getting dressed, undressed and how to pee when visiting extremely unhygienic portaloos), I hit on the idea of combining latex leggings and a latex top: infinitely more practical, right?

First up I went for the Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress. Originally I ordered a Large, as I’m 5’9” and can measure between a UK 12-14, but since the Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress is cut to curve wider at the hips, it proved baggy in the bum. Despite having D-cups to begin with, and adding into the mix my much-loved two-sizes bigger M&S bra(got to love a temporary £18 boob job!), this slackness was also evident where the non-adjustable straps ran from the underarms to the shoulders. Not a good look.

However, after exchanging the Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress for a Medium size, I was happier with the tighter fit – and latex is supposed to be tight, after all. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t call this item a dress, more a long vest, as length-wise it very much erred on the incomplete (bringing back fond memories of my schooldays frequently hearing “You’re not going out dressed like that” and “That’s not a skirt, it’s a belt!”). Luckily I was expecting this ‘Mini’ issue from reading the Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress Lovehoney reviews, and while it might be fine flashing one’s bum in a fetish club, constantly pulling your dress down throughout the evening does not make for a confident look on stage.

I’d also read that the Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress rolled up during use (thank you again, Lovehoney reviewers!), so to combat these combined shortcomings I ordered the Sharon Sloane Latex Leggings (once more exchanging a Large for a Medium so that the leggings were tighter – especially at the waist). I also bought a Black Level PVC Open Cup Corset to keep the top of the dress in place, and hide the bottom of the dress where it rolled up. Which happily, it did – in style.

I found the Sharon Sloane Latex Leggings slightly too wide at the ankle, which I’m assuming is to make them easier to get on, but I think I was probably the only person who noticed this. They are also quite loose at the waist, but then my waist is significantly smaller than my bum, so I often have problems in this department. In fact, I wouldn’t call either the Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress or their Latex Leggings entirely skin-tight, but then that’s what you get for buying mass-produced latex: three sizes will never fit all, which is why real enthusiasts visit specialist latex designers such as Pandora DeluxeLady Allura’s Latex or the bigger and better-known Westward Bound.

The Black Level PVC Open Cup Corset on the other hand, was an absolute gem of a find (and the flimsy G-string an extra little bit of fun). Even if you’re a corset purist or fashion snob (which I am, thanks to experiencing the like of Cliterati Style Editor Chrissie Nicholson-Wilde’s exquisite Curve Couture designs), there is a place in everyone’s wardrobe for a wipe-clean, zip-fronted, back-tied, cheap and cheerful shiny black underbust corset. Indeed, it was the unsung hero of my Glastonbury costumes: I can’t recommend it highly enough. I would suggest you err towards choosing the lower end of your size however, for that extra-satisfying waist minimising effect.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a latex mini dressleggings or a more practical alternative to a latex catsuit, this is a great entry-level pack for people on a limited budget or just starting out with latex. My advice would be to keep exchanging until you get the right size for you, and to buy some talc or Pjur Easy Latex Dressing Aid to help slip the clothes on, and also some latex shine spray to polish once you’re happily ensconced in your attire.

I tried the Pjur Cult Latex Shiner Ultra Shine Spray and was disappointed with the results with regards to the expense (I kept having to re-apply throughout the night), but there is a far cheaper shiner which offers (almost) comparable results. Personally I found the Pjur Cult Easy Latex Dressing Aid to be a more useful all-rounder, covering shine, care, conditioning and application for less money than the Pjur shiner spray.

You can see the results above and below (with added hairpiece from my favourite alternative wig specialist Geisha Wigs, wings and mask from a local fancy dress shop, and somewhat surprisingly, patent platform heels from Nextof all places – and very comfortable they were too!).

Sharon Sloane Latex Leggings are available from Lovehoney for £32.99

Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress is available from Lovehoney for £26.99

The Black Level Open Cup Corset and G String is available from Lovehoney for £34.99

Pjur Cult Latex Shiner Ultra Shine Spray is available from Lovehoney for £21.99

Latex Super Shiner Spray is available from Lovehoney for £6.99

Pjur Cult Easy Latex Dressing Aid is available from Lovehoney for £12.99

Rainbow Bright

Some people welcome a dry day as the perfect opportunity to go for a long country walk or hang the washing outside on the line.

Personally, I love it when it’s not raining because it means I can dip into my suede shoe collection – much neglected over the past few months for obvious meteorological reasons – and pull out little gems like these Irregular Choice beauties.

These shoes may be (loved and worn) orange with an accompanying array of multi-coloured stripes, but for me it’s the purple edging and reflective gold heel that, as the fashionistas like to say, really makes this pair pop. And I do like poppage, I like poppage very much indeed.

So bring on the Spring, because I have a huge suede shoe selection just waiting to be revived. It’s like a whole fresh wardrobe of fashion expression. In fact, I advise you to dig your sunglasses out now in preparation, as the brightness of my Spring-Summer footwear may well sting your hitherto wintery eyes. You have been warned!


New Blue

If I’ve been quiet on the school-run shoes front recently it’s not because I’ve fractured a toe again and had to resort to flats, rather it’s because the persistent rain (it’s been wet weather, like, pretty much a year now) has limited me to my wellies, waterproof DC trainers (sneakers) or gold Kurt Geiger boots – with only a few sunny heels days thrown in for good measure.

But finally today was one of those rare sunny days here in the UK – at least ’til sunset (yes, it’s raining again now) – so here I am wearing my United Nude colour block wedge Delta shoe-boots (or something) with a pair of black skinny jeans from Next.

This reminds me: if you haven’t yet invested in a pair of Next’s Lift, Slim and Shape jeans I suggest you do – if you can get hold of them, that is, as only the black skinnies ever seem to be in stock as they’re seemingly less popular (I’ve been after a blue pair for months). The jeans also come in Bootcut and Slim styles in both blue and black.

Anyway, being a colour block fiend, when I first saw these crazy Delta shoes online I just had to had them. And so I waited until the sales – no, not the United Nude 30% off sales, but the End Of Season ‘you will never see them this cheap again, up to 70% off’ kinda sales. Not that they were cheap, per se, since they’re United Nudes, but they certainly weren’t the original £310 (I know – can you imagine?!), so really I saved money. Well that’s how I justified my £93 anyway…

These Deltas are heavier than I’d anticipated, and since I’m good at high heels, believe it or not they’re trickier to walk in than I’d expected (mainly because the inner sole is so hard under your feet), but thankfully the chunky platforms balance out any potential ball-of-the-foot high heel related discomfort. And they look fab. Right?!