Toy Review: Lelo Soraya vs Lelo Ina 2

Compare Lelo Soraya vs Lelo Ina 2 Honest Sex Toy Vibrator ReviewFrom one of the top-selling luxury brands of ‘lifestyle’ toys, Lelo’s Soraya has made waves at Cliterati towers thanks to its flexible clit-stim shaft and all-round effectiveness. Not only does it pack a fair punch on the G-spot and the clitoral areas, but the two approaches can be isolated and used separately, at the same time, or in tandem patterns (for example, the clit-stim shaft growling until the g-spot picks up the pace and then back again to the clit-stim, repeat until orgasm).

Indeed, the Soraya even pipped its revamped, more powerful counterpart the Ina 2 to the post of preferred Lelo rabbit due to its less aggressive pinch. Because, despite being power-hungry (Lelo’s Mona 2 is my all-time favourite vibrator), personally I found the Ina 2 genuinely painful due to the short space between the clitoral stimulator and the main shaft – its rigidity simply didn’t suit my body shape. A lovely Lelo representative suggested the Soraya as an alternative, and she was completely correct – unsurprising really, since the Isla from the Lelo insignia range is one of our top G-spot toys.

However, that same lovely Lelo representative actually prefers the Ina 2 herself, which just goes to show how individual our experiences can be of the exact same sex toy. Also, the Soraya is an older model with mildly less oomph, so if you’re a gadget freak who likes the latest model no matter what the consequences, then you may prefer the Ina 2 – especially as it comes in more updated colours such as a gorgeous lime green.

To this end, if you’re deciding between the Ina 2 and the Soraya, it simply comes down to body shape: because of its slightly superior vibration strength I’d actually choose the Ina 2 over the Soraya if only it physically suited me and – this is a small but notable point – the seamless Ina 2 is easier to clean than the unhygienic ridge between the gold and silicone of the Soraya, which collects gunk like it’s going out of fashion.

If you’re still undecided I’d suggest the following completely unscientific but fun experiment to be conducted alone or with a partner (or two):

1)    Insert your index finger into your vagina (with the middle finger too if it makes it more comfortable on your hand), resting your thumb comfortably on your clitoris.

2)    Withdraw finger(s) and measure the gap formed between thumb and forefinger using the width of the middle fingers of your opposite hand.

3) If the gap there is ‘significantly more’ than one finger wide then the Soraya might suit you better.

If you have any doubts, since both rabbits are at the higher end of the market and are a considerable financial investment, the Soraya may be a better choice because at least during use you can push down the clit-stim arm with your palm to make it a smaller fit. Meanwhile, the Ina 2 is an impressively powerful yet unforgiving despot with an inflexible shape: when it says, ‘Jump!’ you’ll immediately respond with a breathless, ‘How high?’.

Another alternative is to purchase the Ina 2 from Lovehoney, and send it back if it proves uncomfortable, as Lovehoney have a fantastic returns policy and give refunds on all items purchased even if they’ve been used.

In conclusion, we’d love to see a Soraya 2 – especially one that’s seamless so that we can retire our nailbrushes – but apparently it’s not on the cards. Yet…

Use with Lelo Personal Moisturiser lube and Lelo antibacterial spray for a truly luxurious experience.

Lelo Soraya is available from Lovehoney for £128.99

Lelo Ina 2 is available from Lovehoney for £104.99