Toy Review: Sh! Dildos – Mistress Cupid XL, Vibrating Strapless, Wirly Girly 3

If you’re looking for exceptional dildos, either for pegging purposes or for girl-on-girl action, you want to head to Sh! Womenstore.

It’s not for nothing that the Sh! team have won the adult industry award for ‘Most Innovative Retailer 2011, 2012 and 2013 as well as ‘Best Business’ in the 2012 Qype Business Awards and ‘Best Shopping Venue’ in the more generic Qype Awards 2012. Offering adviceclasses and courses in an all-round erotic education, the Sh! ladies seriously know their sex (or should that be Sh!x?).

Based in London’s Hoxton Square and with an established online presence for those further afield, the Sh! team are unusual in that alongside selling luxury lines such as Lelo and nJoy they also design and manufacture many of their own products – think lube, bondage items and harnesses. Perhaps the most impressive side of the Sh! brand is the extensive dildo collection, made of quality silicone in their local studio. If the array of products available is baffling, then you can call or email the Sh! ladies who will be more than happy to talk you through your option: after all, they were extremely patient in the store one evening when Cliterati grilled them about almost every aspect of dildo production!

Following this illuminative ear-bashing we were sent several examples of the Sh! workmanship, including the Mistress Cupid Extra Large Dildo which was a big hit in the office – literally! Yes, it’s a lovely large number, measuring 7 ½” insertable length and a similar circumference towards the base at its most girthy (if you’re able to insert it that deeply).

Sh! Mistress Cupid Extra Large

As with all Sh!-made dildos the shape of the the Mistress Cupid XL is perfect for its intended use: she undulates in all the right areas and tapers off to a Goldilocks width at the tip (not too big, not too small, just right). An expected bonus is that when used with a harness the Mistress Cupid XL is less likely than smaller, slimmer dildos to slip out of the recipient at an inconvenient time. Thanks to its generous proportions it also gives good pushback to the giver, as the soft heart-shaped silicone base feels fantastic under the harness nestled against your clit. If you’re a girth gal who’s into penetration then this big lady is for you. Mistress Cupid Extra Large Dildo also comes in Vibrating form for an additional £25.

Speaking of vibrations, never ones to knock back the opportunity of ever more intimacy, Cliterati also had the pleasure of testing the Sh! Vibrating Strapless Dildo, meant for grinding and frotting rather than thrusting and bouncing. Yes, this is the “look, no hands!” version, where the wearer’s PC muscles engage to hold the ‘egg’ end of the dildo in place, meaning easy access to the clitoris (“look, no harness!”) and leaving your arms free to clasp your lover close. Suitable for both anal and vaginal play, while the ‘egg’ is shaped to be worn by a woman, the opposite end of the Sh! Vibrating Strapless dildo can be used on either gender.

Sh! Vibrating Strapless Dildo

Although small, the Sh! brand removable bullet in this Strapless Dildo is impressive compared to other similar sized bullets on the market. Obviously, the vibrations do get absorbed somewhat by the silicone – it’ll never be as effective as a hard-cover vibrator – but coupled with the Womenstore’s top quality Strapless Dildo it makes for an exquisitely intimate experience. Happily, as always the Sh! silicone is firm but wonderfully accommodating, and whilst the join between the giving and receiving part of the dildo is flexible it doesn’t feel remotely breakable. If you haven’t got Kegels of steel the dildo also works well with a harness for more vigorous fun.

Of course, if you are intending to use your dildos with a harness then you need a suitably gorgeous one to show off its majesty. Cliterati tested the Sh! dildos using our own harnesses from home, but Sh! do make their own beautiful versions in a variety of colours. In fact, we’re completely torn between the red, purple and hot pink versions of the Womenstore’s own-brand Corset Harness – the quality and colours on offer are simply exquisite.

Sh! Corset Harness in red

The Sh! dildos come in a similarly stunning array of colours – as you can see from the handmade marbled Wirly Girly 3 Slim Dildo below. Apart from being gorgeous, in general terms the WG3 is a nicely modest all-rounder: ideal for strap-on sex as it has a good length to it (so is less likely to slip out of the recipient), and great too for anal or those not hung-up on girth as it’s nice and slim rather than intimidatingly wide. Plus, the ridges are tantalizing when used slowly in either orifice. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the Wirly Girly 3 is also simply gorgeous in every shade: it was love at first sight for Cliterati – especially when we learned there was a vibrating version for a mere £8 more!

Sh! Wirly Girly Dildo 3

This outstanding quality also goes for the rest of the Sh!-made products – of which there are many. So remember, if you are overwhelmed by the wealth of choice available then you can easily call or email the Sh! ladies who will be more than happy to talk you through your options. No need to feel embarrassed – not only have the girls heard it all before, but the store isn’t called Sh! for nothing: Discretion is their middle name!

Indeed, at the Womenstore you’ll quickly realise they really do provide an award-winning service: Cliterati would liken it to the difference between heading to a supermarket for an item or enjoying expert advice at a specialist shop (but without the potential intimidation factor, as you’re sure to get a warm welcome at Sh!). For an exceptional experience from start to finish, simply include their paraben-free water-based lube and antibacterial toy cleanerwith your purchases and you’re good to go. And go. And go!

Mistress Cupid Extra Large Dildo is available from Sh! Womenstore for £80

Mistress Cupid Extra Large Vibrating Dildo is available from Sh! Womenstore for £105.00

Sh! Vibrating Strapless Dildo is available from Sh! Womenstore for £74

Wirly Girly 3 is available from Sh! Womenstore for £38

Wirly Girly 3 Vibrating Dildo is available from Sh! Womenstore for £46

The Corset Strap-on Dildo Harness is available from Sh! Womenstore for £62

This piece was originally posted on Cliterati on February 10th 2015


Review: Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress and Latex Leggings, Black Lace brand PVC Open Cup Corset, Pjur Latex Shiner

Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress

Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress

Being a cage-dancer at The Snake Pit venue in the Glastonbury Festival’s infamous Shangri-La area brings its own set of challenges – not least what to wear. Because when you’re performing in front of an audience of thousands over several nights, and the idea is to entertain as well as titillate, you can’t go at it half-cocked, especially when the look you’re aiming for is the Tarantino screenplay/ Rodriguez film From Dusk Till Dawn – albeit more upmarket.

This year my first stop for outfit ideas was Lovehoney, who offer an affordable range of latex and, much more importantly, a fantastic returns service, which means that you can swap sizes, items and if necessary get refunds extremely easily. When shopping online and/or for fetish wear, this kind of customer care is essential, as not only can latex quality and size guides differ between brands, but an off-the-peg design may simply not suit your body shape.

Luckily, when I typed Latex into Lovehoney I had plenty of clothing items to choose from (and plenty of latex condoms besides!). My first search was for a latex catsuit which Lovehoney doesn’t stock, although they do have a couple of fabric catsuits. This caused a bit of a rethink, and considering the practicalities of catsuits at Glastonbury (ease of getting dressed, undressed and how to pee when visiting extremely unhygienic portaloos), I hit on the idea of combining latex leggings and a latex top: infinitely more practical, right?

First up I went for the Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress. Originally I ordered a Large, as I’m 5’9” and can measure between a UK 12-14, but since the Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress is cut to curve wider at the hips, it proved baggy in the bum. Despite having D-cups to begin with, and adding into the mix my much-loved two-sizes bigger M&S bra(got to love a temporary £18 boob job!), this slackness was also evident where the non-adjustable straps ran from the underarms to the shoulders. Not a good look.

However, after exchanging the Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress for a Medium size, I was happier with the tighter fit – and latex is supposed to be tight, after all. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t call this item a dress, more a long vest, as length-wise it very much erred on the incomplete (bringing back fond memories of my schooldays frequently hearing “You’re not going out dressed like that” and “That’s not a skirt, it’s a belt!”). Luckily I was expecting this ‘Mini’ issue from reading the Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress Lovehoney reviews, and while it might be fine flashing one’s bum in a fetish club, constantly pulling your dress down throughout the evening does not make for a confident look on stage.

I’d also read that the Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress rolled up during use (thank you again, Lovehoney reviewers!), so to combat these combined shortcomings I ordered the Sharon Sloane Latex Leggings (once more exchanging a Large for a Medium so that the leggings were tighter – especially at the waist). I also bought a Black Level PVC Open Cup Corset to keep the top of the dress in place, and hide the bottom of the dress where it rolled up. Which happily, it did – in style.

I found the Sharon Sloane Latex Leggings slightly too wide at the ankle, which I’m assuming is to make them easier to get on, but I think I was probably the only person who noticed this. They are also quite loose at the waist, but then my waist is significantly smaller than my bum, so I often have problems in this department. In fact, I wouldn’t call either the Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress or their Latex Leggings entirely skin-tight, but then that’s what you get for buying mass-produced latex: three sizes will never fit all, which is why real enthusiasts visit specialist latex designers such as Pandora DeluxeLady Allura’s Latex or the bigger and better-known Westward Bound.

The Black Level PVC Open Cup Corset on the other hand, was an absolute gem of a find (and the flimsy G-string an extra little bit of fun). Even if you’re a corset purist or fashion snob (which I am, thanks to experiencing the like of Cliterati Style Editor Chrissie Nicholson-Wilde’s exquisite Curve Couture designs), there is a place in everyone’s wardrobe for a wipe-clean, zip-fronted, back-tied, cheap and cheerful shiny black underbust corset. Indeed, it was the unsung hero of my Glastonbury costumes: I can’t recommend it highly enough. I would suggest you err towards choosing the lower end of your size however, for that extra-satisfying waist minimising effect.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a latex mini dressleggings or a more practical alternative to a latex catsuit, this is a great entry-level pack for people on a limited budget or just starting out with latex. My advice would be to keep exchanging until you get the right size for you, and to buy some talc or Pjur Easy Latex Dressing Aid to help slip the clothes on, and also some latex shine spray to polish once you’re happily ensconced in your attire.

I tried the Pjur Cult Latex Shiner Ultra Shine Spray and was disappointed with the results with regards to the expense (I kept having to re-apply throughout the night), but there is a far cheaper shiner which offers (almost) comparable results. Personally I found the Pjur Cult Easy Latex Dressing Aid to be a more useful all-rounder, covering shine, care, conditioning and application for less money than the Pjur shiner spray.

You can see the results above and below (with added hairpiece from my favourite alternative wig specialist Geisha Wigs, wings and mask from a local fancy dress shop, and somewhat surprisingly, patent platform heels from Nextof all places – and very comfortable they were too!).

Sharon Sloane Latex Leggings are available from Lovehoney for £32.99

Sharon Sloane Latex Mini Dress is available from Lovehoney for £26.99

The Black Level Open Cup Corset and G String is available from Lovehoney for £34.99

Pjur Cult Latex Shiner Ultra Shine Spray is available from Lovehoney for £21.99

Latex Super Shiner Spray is available from Lovehoney for £6.99

Pjur Cult Easy Latex Dressing Aid is available from Lovehoney for £12.99

Style: Torture Garden Stripes, Cape, Corset, Thong and Gloves

House of Harlot’s well-thought out Torture Garden range enables you to choose an entire latex look without having to think through too many combinations, starting from a ‘complete outfit’ and discarding the items you don’t want along the way before you pay.
For example, I love the naughtiness of this steel-boned corset and the sexy restrictive cape (especially with that little soupçon of breastage), but personally I know a short or pencil black latex skirt underneath the corset would suit me better than the thong – skirts are just more my style. So without the thong I’d save a grand total of…£45 (well what can I say: I have expensive taste)!
The skirt, however, I already have – and thankfully it’s spankingly good. Accessorise with this rubber paddle for good measure…
First published on Cliterati under my Mia More alias