Review: Cupid’s Club SuperG Vibrator

Ahhh…the mysterious G-spot orgasm: either you’ve had one and want more, or you’ve heard about them and are interested in experiencing one for yourself. Happily, in each case Lovehoney’s bestselling Cupid’s Club SuperG Vibrator is here to help you achieve your aim (in both senses of the word).

At first glance, the SuperG is clearly built for efficiency over style – not a common trait amongst vibrators, which tend to go for looking pretty and glam rather than having a purely functional form – and the loud volume of theSuperG would also testify to this theory. However, once you’ve got your head around the noise, the G shape (which does actually make sense given its purpose), and reconciled yourself to its hard plastic feel (again, this no doubt contributes to its efficacy), you can enjoy the SuperG for what it is: phthalate-free, splashproof, powerful – and potentially gushtastic.

So if you’re looking for a no-frills toy that does what it says on the tin, then the SuperG could be the toy for you. It may not be the quietest or most luxurious vibrator you’ll ever own, but it might just be the most effective at finding the ever-elusive G-Spot – it is built for it, after all. Happy hunting…


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Military Blues


This is one of my favourite coats: a Karen Millen cobalt blue military 3/4 length, with twenty shiny black silver-surround buttons paired down the front.
I always get really positive comments on it, which is great, especially since it’s lost colour every time I’ve had it dry cleaned, so I don’t feel it’s quite as smart and crisp as it once was.
It’s still a stunning military-style coat though, despite the fact it’s had a helluva lot of *general* use (see what I did there?), kiddie muck on its cuffs and baby snot on its shoulders!
I’m wearing it with my chunky brown G-Star Raw biker-jackboots (more on these later)…