Toy Review: Sh! Dildos – Mistress Cupid XL, Vibrating Strapless, Wirly Girly 3

If you’re looking for exceptional dildos, either for pegging purposes or for girl-on-girl action, you want to head to Sh! Womenstore.

It’s not for nothing that the Sh! team have won the adult industry award for ‘Most Innovative Retailer 2011, 2012 and 2013 as well as ‘Best Business’ in the 2012 Qype Business Awards and ‘Best Shopping Venue’ in the more generic Qype Awards 2012. Offering adviceclasses and courses in an all-round erotic education, the Sh! ladies seriously know their sex (or should that be Sh!x?).

Based in London’s Hoxton Square and with an established online presence for those further afield, the Sh! team are unusual in that alongside selling luxury lines such as Lelo and nJoy they also design and manufacture many of their own products – think lube, bondage items and harnesses. Perhaps the most impressive side of the Sh! brand is the extensive dildo collection, made of quality silicone in their local studio. If the array of products available is baffling, then you can call or email the Sh! ladies who will be more than happy to talk you through your option: after all, they were extremely patient in the store one evening when Cliterati grilled them about almost every aspect of dildo production!

Following this illuminative ear-bashing we were sent several examples of the Sh! workmanship, including the Mistress Cupid Extra Large Dildo which was a big hit in the office – literally! Yes, it’s a lovely large number, measuring 7 ½” insertable length and a similar circumference towards the base at its most girthy (if you’re able to insert it that deeply).

Sh! Mistress Cupid Extra Large

As with all Sh!-made dildos the shape of the the Mistress Cupid XL is perfect for its intended use: she undulates in all the right areas and tapers off to a Goldilocks width at the tip (not too big, not too small, just right). An expected bonus is that when used with a harness the Mistress Cupid XL is less likely than smaller, slimmer dildos to slip out of the recipient at an inconvenient time. Thanks to its generous proportions it also gives good pushback to the giver, as the soft heart-shaped silicone base feels fantastic under the harness nestled against your clit. If you’re a girth gal who’s into penetration then this big lady is for you. Mistress Cupid Extra Large Dildo also comes in Vibrating form for an additional £25.

Speaking of vibrations, never ones to knock back the opportunity of ever more intimacy, Cliterati also had the pleasure of testing the Sh! Vibrating Strapless Dildo, meant for grinding and frotting rather than thrusting and bouncing. Yes, this is the “look, no hands!” version, where the wearer’s PC muscles engage to hold the ‘egg’ end of the dildo in place, meaning easy access to the clitoris (“look, no harness!”) and leaving your arms free to clasp your lover close. Suitable for both anal and vaginal play, while the ‘egg’ is shaped to be worn by a woman, the opposite end of the Sh! Vibrating Strapless dildo can be used on either gender.

Sh! Vibrating Strapless Dildo

Although small, the Sh! brand removable bullet in this Strapless Dildo is impressive compared to other similar sized bullets on the market. Obviously, the vibrations do get absorbed somewhat by the silicone – it’ll never be as effective as a hard-cover vibrator – but coupled with the Womenstore’s top quality Strapless Dildo it makes for an exquisitely intimate experience. Happily, as always the Sh! silicone is firm but wonderfully accommodating, and whilst the join between the giving and receiving part of the dildo is flexible it doesn’t feel remotely breakable. If you haven’t got Kegels of steel the dildo also works well with a harness for more vigorous fun.

Of course, if you are intending to use your dildos with a harness then you need a suitably gorgeous one to show off its majesty. Cliterati tested the Sh! dildos using our own harnesses from home, but Sh! do make their own beautiful versions in a variety of colours. In fact, we’re completely torn between the red, purple and hot pink versions of the Womenstore’s own-brand Corset Harness – the quality and colours on offer are simply exquisite.

Sh! Corset Harness in red

The Sh! dildos come in a similarly stunning array of colours – as you can see from the handmade marbled Wirly Girly 3 Slim Dildo below. Apart from being gorgeous, in general terms the WG3 is a nicely modest all-rounder: ideal for strap-on sex as it has a good length to it (so is less likely to slip out of the recipient), and great too for anal or those not hung-up on girth as it’s nice and slim rather than intimidatingly wide. Plus, the ridges are tantalizing when used slowly in either orifice. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the Wirly Girly 3 is also simply gorgeous in every shade: it was love at first sight for Cliterati – especially when we learned there was a vibrating version for a mere £8 more!

Sh! Wirly Girly Dildo 3

This outstanding quality also goes for the rest of the Sh!-made products – of which there are many. So remember, if you are overwhelmed by the wealth of choice available then you can easily call or email the Sh! ladies who will be more than happy to talk you through your options. No need to feel embarrassed – not only have the girls heard it all before, but the store isn’t called Sh! for nothing: Discretion is their middle name!

Indeed, at the Womenstore you’ll quickly realise they really do provide an award-winning service: Cliterati would liken it to the difference between heading to a supermarket for an item or enjoying expert advice at a specialist shop (but without the potential intimidation factor, as you’re sure to get a warm welcome at Sh!). For an exceptional experience from start to finish, simply include their paraben-free water-based lube and antibacterial toy cleanerwith your purchases and you’re good to go. And go. And go!

Mistress Cupid Extra Large Dildo is available from Sh! Womenstore for £80

Mistress Cupid Extra Large Vibrating Dildo is available from Sh! Womenstore for £105.00

Sh! Vibrating Strapless Dildo is available from Sh! Womenstore for £74

Wirly Girly 3 is available from Sh! Womenstore for £38

Wirly Girly 3 Vibrating Dildo is available from Sh! Womenstore for £46

The Corset Strap-on Dildo Harness is available from Sh! Womenstore for £62

This piece was originally posted on Cliterati on February 10th 2015


Toy Review: Shiri Zinn Leather Harness and Ceramic Dildo

Shiri Zinn Red Harness Strap-on Dildo BackCentral St Martin’s alumnus Shiri Zinn is renowned for her high-end sex toys, using her natural artistic aptitude and practical design skills to develop products of great beauty which are surprisingly functional. Her red leather strap-on harness and red ceramic dildo are a case in point: enticing to the eye and irresistible to the touch they command attention with their luxe look and feel.

Take the harness: as soon as it’s removed from its packaging the smell of high-quality leather hits you like some sort of pheromonal aphrodisiac, whilst its buttery nappa softness demands to be stroked and caressed. If I’m sounding overly poetic, it’s because for many people smell and touch are just as important an aspect of sexual allure as the remaining senses, so just getting this harness out in the first place could be construed as some kind of sensual foreplay!

If you’re more of a visual person happily there’s much to feast your eyes on here too, as the glamorous red and gold patterned satin triangle at the back of the harness is decorated with a cornucopia of glass beads, clustered in a shape to make the rear of this high-end item just as beautiful as its impressive frontage.

The dildo itself is similarly stunning: in a gorgeous deep red colour, it’s made of glazed ceramic (which lends itself very well to heat play), silken to the touch and decorated in gold leaf. Yes, really: nine carat gold. Because of its manufacturing material, in a funny way this dildo actually feels more forgiving than many of the softer silicone strap-ons we’ve tried: naturally smooth and shiny, the ceramic warms to the recipient’s body heat so speedily that with a simple application of lube you’re up and away.

The dildo is also perfectly streamline, shaped to suit both vaginal and anal insertion it has a flared base and a beautifully tapered tip, which bends upwards slightly to hit either G-spot or prostate depending on usage. Of course you do need to avoid dropping the dildo onto a tiled surface, but if you’re careful it’s certainly robust enough to be able to be both hard-wearing and very long-lasting.

This harness is easily the best we’ve tried, since it’s luxuriously soft but tough with it, fits every other brand of dildo we own (see? Told you Shiri had the practical side covered!), and is also the most beautiful – yet comfortable – we’ve come across. You could easily wear the harness out to a fetish club or private party, or even detach the dildo-securing O-ring area altogether, and with a bit of inventiveness tie the remaining silken beaded area at the front or side to wear as an ornamental belt. Indeed, this method could also be employed to add an O-ring of another size if you have a favourite dildo measures differently from the two inches diameter Shiri’s O offers.

In addition to the red series Cliterati tested, there’s also a pink version of the harness and dildo, and a leather-fringed set in baby blue. The range may seem to err on the costly side, but because this exquisite harness can be used with most dildos on the market, and Shiri’s elegantly shaped ceramic item is suited for lady play as well as F-M pegging, it’s an endlessly versatile combination.

These are also products of truly exceptional quality, genuinely worthy of exceptional expense. Besides: what price art? Breathtaking (literally).

Luxury red harness available from Shiri Zinn for £97 (incl shipping)

Luxury red dildo with nine carat gold design available from Shiri Zinn for £49

Official Shiri Zinn website

Toy Review: My Top 12 Sex Toys of 2012 – Find Your Lover The Perfect Sexy Christmas Gift

Wondering what sexy treat to get your lover for Christmas? Well luckily for you (and for me!) I’ve spent much of this year in pursuit of the perfect sex toy, and many testing hours later I’ve come up with my 2012 Top 12. You can thank me later.

1)      Wooden Dildo by The Kinky Drawer

For sheer beauty and exquisite ‘objet’-ness, these handmade dildos remain unsurpassed. If your lover has generic sex toys aplenty, then this will complete their collection nicely.

They also have a bespoke service where you can design your own wooden dildo, from length and girth to shape and ridges. Mine is modelled on my husband Roger: my dream double-team!

Visit The Kinky Drawer

MONA-2_packshotMona 2 by Lelo

My all-time favourite vibrator the Lelo Mona just got dumped for a younger model: welcome the Mona 2.

Ticking both G-spot and clit stim boxes, it may be expensive but with vibrations that strong (I – wait for it – had to turn it…down!) it’s worth every goddamn penny. And you can quote me on that.

From packaging to performance, it really is the perfect gift. ‘Nuff said.

The Mona 2 is available from Lelo for £84

3)      Stronic Eins by Fun Factory

A thrusting dildo rather than a vibrator, this is the future of vaginal masturbation, and for good reason it’s the hottest sex toy on the market right now. Best for internal rather than external play, the Stronic is like nothing you’ve ever tried before. It takes a moment or two to get used to using a pulsating product, but once you’re there we guarantee you won’t be going back – just don’t forget to buy a Fun Factory charger too if you haven’t already got one. Fucking fantastic.

The Stronic Eins is available from Simply Pleasure for £128.95

4)      Pillow Foreplay

To the untrained eye the Pillow Foreplay is a completely crazy idea: in layman’s terms it’s an adjustable inflatable pillow with a hole in which you stick your favourite vibrator.

You then ride the pillow-vibe combo like a cowgirl, or even clasp it missionary style above you if you prefer. It’s so simple it works like a dream, also proving popular with male partners due to the visual aspect. Plus it can be used during sex as a handy prop for the more athletic positions.

The Pillow Foreplay has to be tried to be believed, and luckily there are three different versions for girls, guys and gays alike. I’m now a believer – especially as they also do a bespoke service meaning you can have it in latex, leather or even with BDSM-friendly D rings should you so require. Highly recommended.

Visit Pillow Foreplay

5)      The Matryoshka by Rianne S

With phenomenal packaging this really is a truly gorgeous gift: our jaws literally dropped when we saw The Matryoshka’s box – and that was before we’d even opened it!

As its Russian Doll namesake suggests, The Matryoshka is beautifully feminine in shape, and has its own presentation case (pictured) which you can use to conceal it as it charges (although you will need to buy a European plug converter separately).

Not only is it genuinely gorgeous and unique, but it works a treat: surprisingly powerful, it’s the ideal clit stim toy. We were so impressed we had to test it again, and again and again…

Rianne’s Forbidden Fruit apple vibrator is also said to be outstanding, but we’ve yet to test it ourselves.

Like Rianne’s Forbidden FruitThe Matryoshka is classy to the extreme – in other words, the perfect present for any discerning diva. After all, you can’t go wrong with something so right. Exquisite.

Visit Rianne S

6)      Bloom by Leaf

Leaf make the most gorgeous green eco toys we’ve ever seen at Cliterati HQ. I’ve tried the fresh and flexible Bloom and was amazed not only at how powerful its separate vibrations were at both ends, but impressed at the unique design which allows you to reach your required intensity simply by keeping the button pressed until you get there (rather than flicking through the vibrations level by level).

Presented in a Fairtrade-style tea box with a cute canvas storage pouch, this phthalate-free silicone toy is an absolute beauty. Clever and cool, it brings a whole new meaning to the term tea-bagging!

Bloom is available from Simply Pleasure for £89.95Other Leaf toys are also available.

7)      Cupcake Vibrator by Shiri Zinn

This little lady is a true delight: a vibrator that looks like a silicone cupcake – complete with cheeky cherry – and feels like the best foreplay toy you could ever hope to own.

At a perfectly reasonable £35 it’s utterly seductive – especially with lashings of lube – and the icing on the cake is a retro baking tin. Well, actually the icing on the cake is the icing on the cake, and then the icing on the cake of the icing on the cake is the tin, metaphorically speaking.

Anyway, if you’re still with me, the Cupcake Vibrator is an appetising addition to the sex toy table, and like most delicious treats is even better to share. Bon appétit!

The Cupcake Vibrator is available from Vibrator Kingdom for £34.99

8)      Pony Play kit: Leather HarnessGlass Butt Plug Pony Tail and Icicles Glass-leather Dildo-flogger from Lovehoney

If Pony Play’s been on your to-do list for some time but you’re not sure where to start, then I’ve put together this tempting taster trio to get you geared up for the horsey highway to heaven.

First up is the Leather Harness: this version’s no-frills and functional so perfect for beginners. However, you’ll need to buy your own presentation box for it as it comes in a plain plastic bag – not very sexy!

Secondly we have the Glass Vibrations Pony Tail Glass Butt Plug. There are several versions of this on the market, including plastic plugs, but this looked the best quality and least synthetic hair for the price, and it certainly felt fantastic when worn: an extremely erotic experience to say the least. A surprisingly lovely item in itself.

Finally we tried the handblown Icicles Glass Cat-O-Nine-Tails Flogger, which not only has sexy suede strings but also doubles up as a rather classy glass dildo: a sensuous toy with a welcome sting in its tail.

Just ensure in advance that your partner’s up to experimenting in this area, and with Lovehoney’s superfast delivery you’ll be saddled up in no time.

9)      Harness and Small Pegging Dildo by BS Is Nice

For prostate stimulation and general anal play, this is our preferred pegging dildo set. The adjustable harness fits like a dream, the pegging dildo is the perfect size – not too big or too small – and if you’re female you can even buy the additional Capsula dildo to insert inside yourself as you pleasure your partner.

Image courtesy of Cara Sutra

Yes, finally it’s your turn to give as good as you get – especially if you purchase one of Vibrator Kingdom’s bespoke storage boxes to go with it. What would you want written on yours?

Leather Harness and Small Pegging Dildo by BS Is Nice are available from Vibrator Kingdom for £54.99 each.

10)  Latex spanking Skirt and Slut Paddle from Lovehoney

Rubber Girl Latex Wear Rubber Spanking Skirt

If you know a woman who likes a good spanking then she’ll love this: a latex skirt with the rear removed for easy arse access.

Have fun glossing the skirt together using Pjur Latex Shine Spray and then pair with Sportsheets’ leather Slut paddle for maximum effect – and schwing!

These brand spanking new items are available from Lovehoney.

11)  SPUNK Lube

A new addition to the bedroom, this ground-breaking lube that looks exactly like spunk comes in three different kinds: Silicone for longer sex sessions or shower play; Hybrid for use with silicone toys; and Pink, just for the fuck of it.

If you or your man have a fetish for bukkake, cream pies or threesome MMF fantasies, then this Spunk Lube is for you. Plus it’s a genuinely great product, and we can’t help thinking that as well as the Spunk Lube trio selection we’d like luscious Spunk Lube CEO Jeff in our stockings for Christmas too please, Santa!

Visit Spunk Lube US (with international deliveries aplenty)

Visit UberKinky

12)  Vinyl Fitted Fetish Sheet from Lovehoney

I’m not going to pretend this is the most glamorous of gifts, but it may just turn out to be one of the most common-sense presents.

Yes, I realise common sense isn’t sexy, but when you learn that a vinyl sheet is ideal if you’re a squirter, into sploshing, water sports, getting oiled up or even just for fucking during a period, this is an unbeatable present as far as practicality is concerned. And that, my friend, is sexy.

Various Vinyl sheets are available from Lovehoney

OK, I lied – there’s one more, and a very lucky number it is too:

13)  Antibacterial Toy Cleaning Spray by Lelo

Essential for any sex toy enthusiast: does what it says on the tin. You need this in your life!

Antibacterial Toy Cleaning Spray is available from Lelo for £6.90

Toy Review: Female Chastity Belt and Butt Plug Harness

Planning to buy a lover some silky underwear for Christmas? It may be time for a rethink: how about underwear made of something else, like leather? Forget bows and ruffles as trimming, and instead add a couple of padlocks for decoration, because we’re talking about the ultimate in naughty knickers: a chastity belt for women complete with removable butt and vaginal plugs.

That’s right: lube me up and lock me in, as said belt may come in a no-frills, no-instructions sealed plastic bag, but let’s face it, no packaging is necessary when the item itself is the wrapping, and what needs covering is yourself or your other half! Indeed, the adjustable chastity belt is blindingly simple to use, and according to Bondara would “fit most” people.

I would assume this “most” goes for the vaginal and butt plugs too, as not only can you attach them to the belt wherever you like, they’re not particularly big and very manageable – in fact, they’re exactly the same size, ie: small. In any case they’re also removable, so you can add or subtract at will. In fact, the second time we tried the chastity belt Mr More and I eschewed the plugs it came with in favour of our own favourite remote control toys, which led to a very enjoyable few hours at the pub together – although yes, some drinks were spilled in the testing of this product!

Before you get your knickers in a twist, there’s also a version for men complete with cock cage, and happily also a chastity belt for plus-size women (without plugs). We haven’t tried either of these, but they both certainly look the part. However, if you’re buying this belt as a gift, you’ll also want to buy a nice box to put it in before you present it to your intended. If you like to dominate and be submissive too, you may even want to buy a belt for each of you for an equally balanced power-play experience.

Indeed, Bondara’s range of Chastity Belt and Butt Plug Harnesses for men and women bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘control pants’. Now where did we hide those keys…

Chastity Belt and Butt Plug Harness for women is available from Bondara for £24.99

Chastity Belt and Butt Plug Harness for men is available from Bondara for £31.99

Plus-Size Chastity Belt for women is available from Bondara for £19.99

Toy Review: BS Is Nice Harness and Small Pegging Dildo

Small Zebra-print Pegging DildoAhh, Pegging: the preserve of the straight man, the pleasure bestowed by his aroused, empowered female partner, the all-in-all fabulousness of Lady Muck strapping on a phallus to fuck Lord Muck tenderly up the arse. Pegging is to be celebrated, encouraged, enjoyed. It no more makes a man ‘gay’ than it implies a woman is suffering penis envy. Instead, it is what it is: a sexual activity which brings pleasure to both partners. And thanks to Vibrator Kingdom’s misleadingly named ‘Small Special Animal Dildo’ by Spanish brand BS Is Nice, Cliterati thinks it’s finally found the perfect tools for the job.

The BS adjustable leather harness doesn’t move around during use like many harnesses we’ve tried, and it also has adaptors for different sized dildos, which opens it up for all kinds of play. Meanwhile the handmade Small Special dildo is perfectly formed: not intimidatingly big, not disappointingly small, it’s made of a firm-yet-yielding silicone and, well, this particular one is zebra patterned. See? We said it wasn’t intimidating…

Additionally, BS make the rather funky Capsula Plug. Designed to bring the female partner extra pleasure whilst she penetrates her male partner with one of their other dildos, the plug is worn vaginally and is compatible with the BS harness. However, since the Capsula errs on the small side it wouldn’t suit a size-queen – although it would look great in her bathroom cabinet!

Pegging is the unsung hero of the hetero relationship, and this is your call to arms. So strap on your BS weapon(s) of choice, equip yourself with a non-silicone lube such as YesForLov, and get ready to shoot from the hip: the revolution starts at Vibrator Kingdom.

BS Is Nice Special Animal Pegging Dildo

BS Is Nice Leather Harness

YesForLove Lube

Vibrator Kingdom

BS Is Nice Capsula 

10-Function Silicone Love Rider Rippler by California Exotic Novelties

In a nutshell:

Strap-on fun, featuring a vibrating hot pink dildo/ dong attached to a secure harness

Strap-on Fun!


The harness is comfortable and holds itself nicely in place, and the good-sized dildo is removable, rendering this a highly versatile toy if you’re not in the mood for a strap-on. The ten functions (vibration, pulsation and escalation) are both titillating and powerful, making it a good stand-alone vibrator in itself.

Then there’s the “state-of-the-art memory chip” which remembers the function setting of the dildo you were using last time you played with it (amazingly the first time I’ve seen this facility), and the weight of the dildo itself: satisfyingly firm but pliant, with the welcome heaviness of quality silicone.


Girl-on-girl aside, the dildo is too big to be used on an anally inexperienced man, and the harness is too small to be worn by a big bloke. However, if he were slim, he could wear the harness, placing the dildo above his cock to DP his female partner instead – ingenious!

The dildo comes with a sucker on the base, supposedly for hands-free fun, but unfortunately the sucker comes unstuck at the slightest pressure – which is a shame, as otherwise this could have led to the Love Rider receiving full marks.

Rating out of 5 (5 being the best):



Visit California Exotic Novelties and explore the Love Rider Rippler

An original version of this text appeared on the SexToyTesters website