Primark Pink

I don’t think this has ever happened before, but today I found myself dressed head to toe in one brand. Yes, I suddenly realised that my jumper, skirt, tights AND shoes were all bought at different times from (wait for it) Primark. Ooh the glamour!

I’m not sure whether to be proud that my entire outfit – including footwear – probably cost less than £50, or ashamed that I’ve been to Primark that many times. Either way, I quite like the look. As does my bank balance…




Ratti Apparel: Best of British

If you’re stuck for some seriously stylish and effortlessly cool yet comfortable weekend wear – and let’s face it, a big woolly jumper or hoodie isn’t always appropriate – then you need look no further than Ratti Apparel. Casual and classy, the collection comprises loose vests and batwing sweaters with quirky embroidered designs inspired by the city of Brighton, such as dressed-up dogs, tattoos, the gambling machines on Brighton Palace Pier, and the Swallows that gather in huge numbers around the crumbling West Pier en route to warmer climes.

Ratti Apparel is the brainchild of Annette Ratti, who after 10 years creating ideas and designs for the best in the industry for designers such as the Kate Moss collection for Topshop, Ted Baker and DKNY, decided to launch her own label. Using a specially developed signature embroidery technique, Annette creates products that are completely unique, which are made using materials sourced from ethical suppliers. Design, production and finishing is carried out by local people in The North West and Manchester. These are designs that can’t be found on the high street, but can be found in selected boutiques countrywide – and lucky for us, they can also be bought online, where our money’s on the Dog In Bonnet jumper and the Life Is Beautiful top. Ratti Apparel: single-handedly bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase TGI Friday.

Ratti Apparel Official Website

Ratti Apparel on Etsy

Ratti Apparel on Nola

Ratti Apparel on Steranko

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Silver Leather Cowgirl Heaven


These fabulous white cowboy boots come from a vintage-clothes-cum-antiques store in Hastings old town, and not only do they fit me, but they’re actually a bit too big – unheard of for someone with my hulking great UK8 (European 41/42) size feet!
What to wear with cowboy boots? Well, a shirt and some denim, of course! So here I am in a pair of Topshop cutoff shorts (with obligatory pockets peeping through), and a cotton Topshop shirt: I may have never dug the double-denim look, but I do love a crisp white shirt!
The pully’s a Primark special, whilst the jacket is leather and silver (my favourite combination!) from a thrift store in Brighton. Cowgirl heaven indeed…

Walking Glitterball Tall


This pair of Kurt Geiger Snakeskin Salem boots (see previous Geiger Counter post for more details) are fantastically appropriate footwear for unpredictable Spring weather (if I’m allowed to call it Spring yet?!).
The perfect foil to any unexpected shower, these fakey snakey bikers look funky and fresh with any outfit – and give my smart pink 3/4 length Karen Millen coat a suitably subversive and casual twist.
I live on the South coast where it’s invariably brisk and brrreeezy, so along with the rest of Brighton I’m still wearing my winter woollies (which maybe answers my Spring question above!).
Today’s long, silver-grey glitterball-style sequinned jumper is by Fenn Wright Manson. Its delicate colour and scalloped edges remind me of oysters – and lovely lady parts, which is perhaps why subconsciously I find it so appealing! It’s lovely and long and wonderfully warm, and it belts up beautifully. Plus, when the light shines on the sequins I become my own little glitter ball – which the kids just love! I’m not one for muted colours, but this textured top magically lifts my spirits every time I put it on.
Unable to avoid my favoured colour-clash fashion entirely, however, I’m wearing these KG snakeskin boots, FWM silver-sequinned jumper and KM pink coat combination with an flippy orange dress from Dorothy Perkins.
Thus attired, I am ready and prepared for any meteorological eventuality, and fashion-forward whatever the weather!

Orange Crush


As you may have noticed, I’m a big fan of colour: colour-blocking, clashing, accenting, flashing, indeed a veritable riot of colour is what I feel most at home wearing. So much so, that this is one of my more conservative outfits (although today my bleached white-blonde bob does have additional pink streaks in it, thanks to Kevin Murphy’s wipe-on-wash-out Color Bug)!
My hot pink 3/4 length coat is from Karen Millen, the skinny, high-waisted, zip-flare jeans are from the 1971 Reiss range, the orange jumper’s from Primark, and the leopardprint platform ponyskin shoes are by Deena & Ozzy courtesy of Urban Outfitters (see previous post). High Street heaven!