Toy Review: Top Three Secret Sex Toys

Rianne S - Forbidden Fruit

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Forbidden Fruit by Rianne S in exchange for my honest review.

Forbidden Fruit by Rianne S

As much as I would love to be completely impartial with regards to this item, I have a soft spot for Rianne S products before I’ve even tried them. This is because they just scream quality and taste, from the toys themselves right through the imagery, design, packaging and beyond – even their customer care is fantastic.

I reviewed Rianne’s Matryoshka last year which quickly became a firm favourite of mine: it’s innovative, extremely easy on the eye, and it also goes like a demon. So when it came to trying her Forbidden Fruit sex toy – well, not only had I never seen anything like it (the glamour!) – but I loved the concept and couldn’t wait to see if it would actually deliver.

As you open the beautiful purple box and pull the contents out, you’ll discover that like the Matryoshka, Rianne’s apple comes with a charger base complete with classy lid, which means you can charge and store your toy in plain view and it’ll just look like a pretty opaque purple plastic display case. And since the Forbidden Fruit is more of an all-body massager than a simple sex toy, and is therefore designed for use with massage oil, it’s made of a tough plastic silicone rather than the softer silicone you might expect (which could easily be degraded with the use of the wrong oil). This means that the five different intensities and seven vibratory patterns of the apple seem louder than they might as they’re less muffled by the casing, but thankfully the toy still errs on the quieter side.

Happily too, the settings are changed by moving the apple stalk around, and as a great fan of witty design I was very impressed by such a cute user interface. Indeed, when it came to handling the Forbidden Fruit, we found the vibrations impressive for all over body-massage, and also very effective for scratching that particularly naughty itch – result!

So if you’re looking for an all-round sex toy which not only looks beautiful but makes you and your partner feel beautiful too, then Rianne’s Forbidden Fruit is for you. It’s a fantastic present for any discerning sex toy collector. Temptation is within your grasp: just one bite and you’ll be hooked…

The Forbidden Fruit is available from Rianne S for €89

Je Joue MiMi 2

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free MiMi by Je Joue in exchange for my honest review.

MiMi by Je Joue 

At first glance the MiMi by Je Joue looks like a small decorative pebble of the kind you’d see in someone’s home, stacked in a vase or artfully scattered and displayed on a tray on the mantelpiece. That is until you pick the MiMi up, and discover that it’s not made of stone or fibreglass but is actually an oval vibrator covered in the softest silicone. This makes it the most stroke-able, silky toy to touch: cupping it in your palm is a delight even when it’s switched off, and then when it’s turned on…let’s just say you will be too.

This is because the MiMi packs a pretty powerful punch for such a small stone-shaped sex toy: its five power levels work across each of the six different pulse patterns, and navigation between each is happily intuitive. It’s not too weak in its highest setting, nor too loud either. In fact, the only drawback I could find was that one of the settings – although absolutely fine used at the higher end of the scale – clicked slightly at the lowest intensity, which made me think the mechanics inside were about to break (they didn’t). Instead I think that must be just how that particular vibration pattern was intended.

How to use the Mimi? It’s clearly designed for clitoral stimulation, but given its shape it also lends itself perfectly to being a couple’s toy, either for the nipples or the perineum. As always with Je Joue products, the box the MiMi comes in is cute and classy, making it great gift material. The MiMi’s also perfect to take on a trip if you’re packing light, and you’ll get even more out of it if you bung a bottle of water-based lube (such as Yes) in your washbag too. Coming as the MiMi does in four different shades: lilac, black, fuchsia and purple, there’s one for everyone. Yes, that means you too!

The MiMi is available from Lovehoney for £64.99

Shri Zinn cupcake

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Shiri Zinn Cupcake by Vibrator Kingdom in exchange for my honest review.

Shiri Zinn – Cupcake Vibrator

A cupcake made of the softest silicone, this palm-sized party piece is foreplay perfection. The vibrations are strong, and it looks so goddamn tasty that by mere association you’ll want to tuck into your partner before you’ve even pressed the Cupcake’s base and turned it on.

Yes, I’ve written about this fantastic foreplay tool before – to me it’s the epitome of cheeky sexy chic. Indeed, if this cake had a dating profile its personality would read ‘Sexy and fun; GSOH’, which we’d all know would translate into it being a great lover. Naughty but nice.

The Cupcake is available from Vibrator Kingdom for £34.99