New Blue

If I’ve been quiet on the school-run shoes front recently it’s not because I’ve fractured a toe again and had to resort to flats, rather it’s because the persistent rain (it’s been wet weather, like, pretty much a year now) has limited me to my wellies, waterproof DC trainers (sneakers) or gold Kurt Geiger boots – with only a few sunny heels days thrown in for good measure.

But finally today was one of those rare sunny days here in the UK – at least ’til sunset (yes, it’s raining again now) – so here I am wearing my United Nude colour block wedge Delta shoe-boots (or something) with a pair of black skinny jeans from Next.

This reminds me: if you haven’t yet invested in a pair of Next’s Lift, Slim and Shape jeans I suggest you do – if you can get hold of them, that is, as only the black skinnies ever seem to be in stock as they’re seemingly less popular (I’ve been after a blue pair for months). The jeans also come in Bootcut and Slim styles in both blue and black.

Anyway, being a colour block fiend, when I first saw these crazy Delta shoes online I just had to had them. And so I waited until the sales – no, not the United Nude 30% off sales, but the End Of Season ‘you will never see them this cheap again, up to 70% off’ kinda sales. Not that they were cheap, per se, since they’re United Nudes, but they certainly weren’t the original £310 (I know – can you imagine?!), so really I saved money. Well that’s how I justified my £93 anyway…

These Deltas are heavier than I’d anticipated, and since I’m good at high heels, believe it or not they’re trickier to walk in than I’d expected (mainly because the inner sole is so hard under your feet), but thankfully the chunky platforms balance out any potential ball-of-the-foot high heel related discomfort. And they look fab. Right?!



Snakes And Adders


I have a real thing for acid brights, and this fluoro yellow top-dress is no exception. It may be a couple of years old, and have cost about £4 from the Primark sale rail (yes, Primark has a sale rail!), but it still hits this season’s neon and sportlux looks, and was such a steal back in 2009/10 that I had to get it in cobalt blue too.
I’m not sure whether this loose and loud yellow garment is a long tunic top or a short dress, but it was extremely accommodating during my second pregnancy, and now continues to look great with bare legs during the summer, and tights or leggings in the Spring.
Here I am wearing it with snakeskin leggings (python? Boa constrictor? Adder?!) which I bought on EBay for a fancy-dress party, and have worn ever since…oops! It just goes to show that money probably can buy good taste!
The hot pink coat is from Karen Millen, and the patent heels are from Hobbes (and are a far more coral pink than they appear in this picture).
All in all, a versatile outfit for a sunny Spring day!

Leopardprint Love


Friday’s school-run shoes are simply outstanding – to my mind at least!
Dizzily high platform heels with leopard-print, furry ponyskin (or some such), they’re made by Deena & Ozzy and were bought in the Urban Outfitters pre-Christmas sale. For me it was love at first sight.
Surprisingly, despite their height, they are both comfortable and easy to walk in, presumably because of the chunky rather than stiletto heel, and of course the luxurious cushiness of the platforms. Which makes them the most perfect, fantastically funky footwear for the school-run. Who’d’a thunk it, eh?!

Krazy for Katrantzou

I am genuinely beyond stoked that I managed to get my hands on a Mary Katrantzou Balloon Dress from her Topshop collection.

This dress is mine, all mine: MINE, I tell you. Yes: mine!

Just look at this work of art: it’s something other-wordly, of true beauty and colour, something seen in magazines or V&A exhibitions, not an item a mere mortal like myself in the suburbzzz could ever possibly hope to own.

So: how did I get my sticky paws on such a special dress? There were two contributing factors:

1) My credit card (obviously).

Impractical Items Of Great Beauty Unjustifiable In Their Expense, henceforth known as IIOGBUITE (catchy, don’t you think?!) are the stuff of which credit cards are made. They are certainly not bought on a money per use basis, so one will never see a healthy return on them.

However, like all IIOGBUITEs, this dress will bring its owner unexplicable joy and pleasure just from the sight of it, through the monthly repayments and up to the point of baliff visits and all-too predictable property repossessions.

2) The fact that the day the Mary Katrantzou collection went on sale at Topshop my daughters woke me up at 5.30am.

This should not have made a difference. After all, one would assume that any selling of such stupendously fashion-forward gear would begin at a normal shop-opening time on the appointed day. Say 9 or 10am. But no, the night before this collection went on sale I googled its Topshop online store start time, but to no avail. 

Not mine – all mine – at all 😦

As I lay in bed at 6am being jumped on by small people, I thought I’d just check for news on the store’s website on my iPhone. And lo and behold, would you Adam and Eve it (that’s cockney rhyming slang for ‘believe’, for all you non-Brits out there), not only was Mary Katrantzou’s clothing line on sale online, but the jersey dress I’d also been wanting was already sold out. ALREADY?!

 This I could not believe. WHEN DID THIS DAMN SALE START? And WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME?! I’m guessing (and am happy to be corrected – please feel free), that it started on midnight on said day, and not at a more reasonable time of 9 or 10am! Anyway, I was annoyed, as not only was the jersey dress £100 more affordable, it was also infinitely more wearable (thereby negating the IIOGBUITE issue above, but with equal joy imparted). 

 The Large was, well, too large, whilst the Medium was slightly tight (which means I can’t wear my M&S Two Sizes Bigger Bra underneath it, although it is nice to know my natural boobs are good for something!), but all in all the Medium was a better fit. After all, it is called a Balloon Dress, so the boned balloon shaped skirt does nicely cover my ample bum whilst making my ‘I’ve had two-kids’ tum look tiny in comparison.  And it’s beautiful. Did I mention that? Truly beautiful. I had no idea that in real life this dress would move me so much. The prints are so vivid they almost glow, and the shape is just something else: if you could buy it in every size, there is no body shape it couldn’t flatter. No wonder it’s been so popular with celebrities – it takes the heat off their chest size and the tightness of their buns! OK, so it’s a cliched IIOGBUITE, but it is worth every penny because it’s a work of art in itself, and I am happy every time I see it hanging on my husband’s clothes rail (my rail’s fit-to-bursting, natch!). The only thing left to consider is what shoes to wear with it. Hmm… I can feel a whole new blog coming on…! September 2012 update – Unfortunately, due to financial reasons I’m now having to sell this dress. It’s in a Medium size, has been worn once, and is in perfect condition. So if you’re interested in buying this piece of fashion history, please contact me below.

Geiger Counter


Today’s school run shoes are these fakey snakey Salem boots from Kurt Geiger – the first KG footwear you’ll see on here, but certainly not the last!
From the Kurt Geiger pre-Christmas sale, they’re fast becoming a firm favourite. I think they ROCK (in my usual so-bad-they’re-good questionable-taste way), but would perhaps have preferred them in a cowboy boot shaped style, just to increase the doubt-factor!

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