Toy Review: Tingly Timmy e-stim Rabbit by MyStim

MyStim Tingly Timmy

MyStim Tingly Timmy

Family-run business MyStim is fast becoming one of Cliterati’s favourite companies thanks to its humorous product names and its determination to challenge established preconceptions of sex toy design. Originally a manufacturer for medical electrical stimulation merchandise used in physiotherapy and pain management, as the years passed the realisation dawned that not all customers were using the devices as intended(!).

To fulfil this consumer call for quality electro-stim (or ‘e-stim’) items, MyStim was launched as a sexy sideline to the initial medical business, this time focussing on all things naughty and nice, electro-stim or otherwise. Taking things a step further, the team have also set up a luxury sex accessories store Petits Joujoux selling upmarket massage candles, body jewellery and high-end metal masquerade masques (for which we at Cliterati are intensely lustful).

One of our favourite G-Spot vibrators may be MyStim’s electro-stim free Bon Aparte (more of that in our forthcoming Top Three series of reviews), but it’s the Tingly Timmy with its e-stim functionality which is making waves in the Cliterati office this week. For not only is the Tingly Timmy a recognisable sex toy shape (in this case the ubiquitous Rabbit), unusually for an e-stim item it’s also covered in lovely soft silicone rather than intimidating stainless steel. See? We told you these guys were good.

But MyStim didn’t stop there with their innovative take on a traditional design: Timmy also employs a dual channel electro-stim input which charges four poles (also known as conductive surfaces): one situated on either side of the main G-spot shaft and two again on the shorter clitoral finger. This means four times the fun – but only if you have a dual channel electro-stim device, such as MyStim’s very reasonably priced Pure Vibes kit (although be aware this is only compatible with MyStim products). If you’re unsure about electro-stim you can learn more about it here, or alternatively plump for MyStim’s standard Rabbit vibrator the Danny Divido which is entirely electro-free.

If you do opt for the e-stim Tingly Timmy version, you’ll need to apply something like MyStim’s gorgeous The Goldfather electro-conductive gel (containing real 23 carat gold flakes!) to make the Tingly Timmy err, tingle better! Remember to switch on your electro handset only after the associated toys are in place against your body, as this helps you start at an e-stim level you know you can handle. Since the vagina is nowhere near as sensitive as the clitoris you’ll probably find that Timmy’s G-Spot shaft can be programmed to a healthy charge, leading to a gentle flexing of the PC muscles and the pleasurable echo of an incoming orgasm.

However, as with all Rabbits, you may have issues with Timmy’s form fitting your body properly. Whilst I found the main shaft hit every spot perfectly, the smaller clitoral finger of the Timmy proved just too short for me, resting as it did just underneath the tip of the clitoris. Had it been a standard Rabbit vibrator this would have been equally uncomfortable for any woman who prefers clitoral stimulation from above rather than from below, which many find is simply far too sensitive an angle. In fact, it’s another reason lots of ladies prefer using two toys at once, so that they can tailor-make them to fit their body, and why Rabbits with longer flexible clitoral shafts which reach above the clitoral hood before pressing down (such as Lelo’s Soraya and Swan’s Whooper) are firm industry favourites.

But since this is a sophisticated electro-stim approach rather than a clunky generic Rabbit, playing with Timmy is a different experience entirely. Switching on the second channel which charges the two poles on the clitoral finger, you might find it takes a while to find a comfortable position and that it helps to place it at one side of your clit rather than directly on it. But once you’ve found the angle that suits you and with the main shaft already humming along internally, Timmy will make you feel tantalisingly warm and thrillingly tingly. Because if you can avoid the clitoral arm occasionally slipping position and causing small shocks of discomfort, then there’s definitely the potential for a mind-blowing orgasm – and maybe even for a satisfying squirt.

Since the smaller shaft of the Tingly Timmy is advertised for anal as well as clitoral use, when you turn it 180 degrees you may discover this is where the toy comes into its own, with no pain just gain – and lots of it. Giving a good idea of what the electro-stim Rabbit is intended for clitorally, any previous accidental clitoral agony can be magicked into anal ecstasy with one quick rotation, and with your favourite vibrator applied to your clit (having not yet tested any of MyStim’s normal vibrators, Cliterati recommends Lelo’s Mona 2) you’re in for an electro-climax unlike any other orgasm you’ve ever experienced.

Indeed, the Tingly Timmy is an amazing piece of e-stim engineering, and its dimensions may not have fitted me perfectly but then few Rabbits do. However, if you’re someone whom Rabbit vibrators do suit, or you like the sound of something a little different and are prepared to adapt, then this baby may well work well for you: the Timmy really is impressive in its design and conception.

In future it would be great if MyStim could design a reflective counterpart to the Timmy, where the main shaft curves in the opposite direction so that it targets the G-spot as well as the anus (currently Timmy just misses the G-spot when used back to front). It would also benefit from a longer and more flexible clitoral finger – for me, anyway!

Either way Cliterati is now holding out for MyStim’s awe-inspiring Terrific Truman, which uniquely combines vibrations with electro stimulation to pleasurably train your pelvic floor, ably vibrating, pulsating and tingling with no e-stim handset needed – surely a thing of greatness. Watch this space!

Tingly Timmy is available from MyStim for €79.80

Visit MyStim


Toy Review: Laid D.1 Silicone Dildo, Laid P.2 Silicone Cock Ring, Laid P.3 Silicone Cock Ring

ImageLaid is one of Cliterati’s favourite boutique producers of ‘lifestyle products’. A Norwegian company founded by two women, Laid has a very clear aesthetic: its sex toys are of great beauty and taste, and just as importantly they actually deliver when it comes to practicalities.

Take for example the Laid D.1 Silicone Dildo: I’ve already waxed lyrical about their exquisite Stone Dildo and was interested to see how its silicone sister would compare. The two dildos are exactly the same asymmetrical shape, with the silicone version by its very nature firm yet yielding, smooth to the touch and with a pleasingly weighty feel, the quality just emanates from this object.

The not-too-big-not-too-small Laid D.1 Silicone Dildo lends itself perfectly to G Spot stimulation, and its asymmetrical shape means that it can be twisted and turned once it’s inserted to enable you to put pressure on the precisely the right area for you. Not only is it beautifully packaged, it even comes with an informative pictorial instruction manual (which you can also see on the Laid website).

Visual directions also come in handy when it comes to the Laid range of cock rings, one of which, the innovatively shaped P.2 Silicone Cock Ring comes in two sizes (great for larger men) and can be worn in a variety of different ways, each of these encircling both the penis and testicles. Cliterati found this to be the most successful cock ring worn to date – genuinely. It looked good on, felt great against the skin, and the pointed end rested pleasurably against our tester’s perineum (the most instinctive and comfortable of positions he found to wear it).

Meanwhile, the Laid P.3 Silicone Cock Ring Cliterati received was so beautifully silky to the touch that it was pronounced perfect before it had even been tried! However, while the largest P.2 above fitted fine, the P.3 was on the small side for our (admittedly, unusually well-endowed) tester – but thankfully it had just enough flexibility to allow use with a healthy dollop of (water-based lube).

Because the P.3 was a touch small for this particular wearer (who, to give you an idea of size, takes a King Size condom), once on it was mildly uncomfortable for him during missionary and doggy positions, and noticeably uncomfortable with the woman on top and while masturbating – this suggests that the Silicone Stretch version of the P.3 would be more appropriate for the larger man (who may have to concede this wouldn’t reach around his testicles as well, which the Stretch P.3 is designed to do).

However, this didn’t stop Mr Cliterati from saying he’d definitely use the (non-Stretch) Silicone P.3 again, especially when he was tired and it took a bit more concentration to stay rock solid. But in the meantime, the biggest P.2 will remain a firm favourite (if you’ll excuse the pun!).

So if you’ve never tried a cock ring before, or always wanted a super-stylish, unique yet functional sex toy, Cliterati couldn’t think of a better place to go to get Laid. As they say in internet speak/ Norwegian: Vær så god (You’re welcome)!

The Laid D.1 Silicone Dildo

The Laid D.1 Stone Dildo

The Laid P.2 Silicone cock ring

The Laid P.3 Silicone cock ring

The Laid P.3 Stretch Silicone cock ring

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Laid d.1 Silicone Dildo and Silicone P.2 and P.3 cock rings in exchange for my honest review.

Toy Review: njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

Njoy Pure stainless steel wandI’m not afraid to say that I’m a total snob when it comes to packaging: a nude shot of a pretty girl with a come-hither stare shrink-wrapped in plastic just doesn’t cut it these days. So when I slipped off the tasteful white sleeve and saw the discreet black box of my latest Lovehoney toy I was impressed – and that was before I’d even opened it.

For couched inside the gorgeous moulded pink satin interior was the rather exquisite njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo, curved and shining in the light, with the most subtle, stylish branding engraved on its inner curve. In fact, ‘beautiful’ was the first word that sprung to mind, because it was clear some serious thought had been put into this entire product from start to finish, as the design was impeccable – I’d even go so far as to say flawless.

So what of the wand alone? Well, intended as a sex aid for both men and women, the njoy Pure was conceived to stimulate either the female G-spot or the male P-spot (prostate), which renders it a great couple’s toy (even better to share). It’s heavy – very heavy: twenty-four ounces (one and a half pounds!) according to the accompanying leaflet. This makes for effective if tiring use: it gives the Pure great heft, but your bicep and wrist can suffer for it, or as one of my friends commented, “I can see myself having to put it down to rest my arm just before the point of orgasm!” Hmm… She has a point, especially as the internal sensation can move from pleasant to painful when you accidentally drop the external end, which means practise makes perfect with this baby.

However, the Pure’s a good length – ten inches long – which means that it’s easy enough to angle and manoeuvre to hit the spot (weight notwithstanding). It also has two differently sized balled ends, one an inch in diameter and the other an inch and a half, which means the user can warm up on the smaller end before heading for its bigger sister. Due to the weight it works far better with a rocking motion than a thrusting movement, and thanks to its shape it goes well with external clitoral massage toys such as the Lelo Mona 2 (my favourite) or the Bodywand Magic Wand Vibrator (easy does it!). In fact, the Pure is such a hit in this house that that let’s just say the njoy Eleven incher is next on my To Do list (pun intended).

Because the njoy Pure Wand is stainless steel it’s beautifully smooth, which makes insertion a breeze, and it can be heated or chilled to your personal preference before play. It’s also non-porous and extremely easy to clean, which means that you can hop from prostate to G-spot play and back again in the time it takes to give it a good old antiseptic spray and a wipe (or few – we here at Cliterati like to be sure).

If you were a fan of electro-stim play and were experienced in this area, then it being metal you could even wrap a section of the Pure Wand in plastic tape to insulate the section where you don’t want any sensation, wire the stim box up to the external end with another electrode (pad) placed strategically on your body (labia or perineum) and BOOM. Check the SmartStim community forum for further electro-stim sex tips (DISCLAIMER on this entire paragraph: don’t try this at home Folks – no, really – you have been warned!).

Back in the manual world, if you’ve tried glass, stone or wooden dildos then the njoy Pure is the next logical step. If you haven’t had the pleasure of any of the above, then this wand is an amazing place to start with regards to non-battery operated dildos – really. And it’s one you won’t regret, as the njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildoscreams luxury from start to finish, making it an ideal present for the man or woman in your life. After all, you’d get good use out of it too…

The njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo is available from Lovehoney for £99.99

The njoy Eleven Stainless Steel Dildo is available from Lovehoney for £249.99

The Lelo Mona 2 is available from Lovehoney for £74.99

The Bodywand Magic Vibrator is available from Lovehoney for £59.99

Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner is available for £4.99

Toy Review: Palm Power Mains Powered Massager Wand

palm power wand image review

Ever had a stealth orgasm, an orgasm that takes you by surprise, leaving you reeling through its sheer unexpected intensity? Well, if you try the Palm Power massager you might just clock in a super-quick climax, which is why this baby is now at Number 2 on my previous Top Three Vibrator Wands list – and without the £169.99 price-tag of The Eroscillator Deluxe at Number 1 (amazing as it is).

So what is it that could possibly bump the extremely effective Bodywand Magic Vibrator to a still respectable third place (after all, the competition is super-steep)? I’ll tell you: the Palm Power massager is smaller, lighter, more portable, just as user-friendly and generally less cumbersome than the Bodywand – and every bit as impressive as its larger rivals currently in vogue.

The Palm Power is switched on, off and controlled by the same one button, which increases the vibrations until you remove your finger at your required intensity. In some respects this is a useful device as it means you can easily and quickly get the toy exactly where you want, but since the Palm Power is so powerful, occasionally you might actually want to decrease the pressure (gasp!), and to do that you have to switch it off and start at the beginning again. This is easily done – and fast – but it’s annoying not to be able to just drop a speed or two if and when you fancy something a bit more gentle. After all, this is one strong-armed wand, and subtlety is not really in its vocabulary.

Thankfully though, the Palm Power comes complete with a removable silky 100% silicone cap. This softens the harshness of the mains-powered vibrations against your sensitive body parts, without losing the intensity (something I find other wands are lacking). The Palm Power also has four additional screw-on heads which you can buy separately: firstly I tried the two Sensual Massager Wand Heads pack, which includes the Palm Below(intended for G-Spot stimulation) and the Palm Dual (which is rather like a Rabbit, aiming as it does for both clitoral and G-Spot fun).

As with the Bodywand’s equivalent accessories, I found the accompanying G-spot Palm Below appendage lacking: although wonderfully silky to the touch thanks to the phthalate-free 100% silicone, it’s simply too wobbly and flexible to apply satisfactory pressure your most sensitive of internal areas, and too small to be effective with regards to those who fancy a bit of penetration. Meanwhile, although the Rabbit-like Palm Dual happily conveyed the vibrations of the wand itself, for me personally it fell short – but that may be more a case of anatomy rather than anything else, since I don’t really get on with Rabbits in general (but if you do – hey, don’t take my word for it!).

However, when it came to the Palm Finger and Palm Curve (which come in the Palm Power Body Massager Wand Heads accessories pack), I was surprised to find that they both did the job. The Palm Finger nicely kneads every part of your hand and palm, and while this may sound like a strange attachment for a sex toy brand to make, if you’ve ever had a professional full-body massage you’ll know that the part of the treatment where they reach the hand is both an unexpected de-stressor and an extremely sensual experience. In addition, the Palm Curve was surprisingly successful when used vertically over the clitoral area rather than horizontally, as is shown in the image (when it’s actually designed to glide right over your arms, legs and body).

If you’re going to buy a plug-in wand, personally I’d plump for the Palm Power massager: its lightweight design means it’s easier to manoeuvre than heavier wands, and whilst it could numb your body with overuse just as well as its bigger sisters (there’s a great comic strip by Erica Moen about this particular desensitising side-effect of using wands), the Palm Power’s got the slightly softer silicone head included, which makes it infinitely less aggressive and yet equally effective. Always use with silicone-friendly water-based lube and you’ll never look back. If you like a good body massage or you’re a fan of perfunctory self-fucking (and let’s face it, these days we’re all pushed for time – in every area of our lives), you need this in your life. Impressive.

The Palm Power Mains Powered Massager Wand is available from Simply Pleasure for £74.95

The Palm Power Body Massager Wand Heads are available from Simply Pleasure for £19.95

The Palm Power Sensual Massager Wand Heads are available from Simply Pleasure for £24.95

Simply Pleasure’s Water-based Lubricant is available for £4.95

Antibacterial Sex Toy Spray is available from Simply Pleasure for £7.45


The Bodywand is available from Lovehoney for £59.99

The Bodywand G-Spot Magic Wand attachment is available from Lovehoney for £22.99

The Bodywand Rabbit Magic Wand attachment is available from Lovehoney for £22.99


Toy Review: Shiri Zinn Cupcake Vibrator

Having followed designer Shiri Zinn’s career in unpredictable yet highly desirable and utterly fabulous sex toys for some years, it came as no surprise when Zinn’s latest creation was unveiled and proved to be just as enchanting and exquisite as her previous forays into sexy fun.

What did come as a surprise was that the item looked like a cupcake, complete with spotty paper cup, pink icing and a cutsie cherry on top – we certainly didn’t see that one coming! Thankfully though, as expected, the Cupcake Vibrator is a stylish design comprising Zinn’s refreshingly inventive ideas with a keen attention to detail – which it has in appetizing abundance.

Crafted from the softest silicone, the surface of the Cupcake is silky-smooth and scrumptiously supple, to the extent that it actually feels like it yields ever-so-slightly to the touch. It vibrates in five different modes and is surprisingly versatile in use, delivering sensations spread over a wide area due to its gently undulating icing top, whilst the tantalising tip of the cherry delivers a more teasingly focussed touch. This makes the Cupcake Vibrator just the companion for foreplay fun and frolics, and since you can’t help but be charmed by its goddamn cuteness you’ll be picnicking on your partner in no time! In true Shiri style, the packaging is as important as the product itself, and so the Cupcake comes in a charming retro 1950s baking tin complete with all-essential AAA batteries.

The Cupcake really is delectably breathtaking in both its design and originality, making it the perfect gift for classy birthdays and the most tasteful of hen nights. It’s also an attractive, unthreatening sex toy ideal for couples’ foreplay. So much so, that I’m giving one as a wedding present this weekend. In fact, I’m going to be ordering a whole mouth-watering batch from the Shiri Zinn bakery for Christmas, as the Cupcake Vibrator is so enticing I’m sure even the most ungracious of recipients couldn’t help but be captivated.

So indulge yourself this season and head to bed with Shiri Zinn’s delicious Cupcake Vibrator, where you’ll be burning calories even as you enjoy its decadence: proof that you can have your cake and eat it. Combine with YESforLOV’s silicone-free lube for the ultimate in luxurious pleasure.

The Shiri Zinn Cupcake Vibrator is available from Vibrator Kingdom for £34.99

YESforLOV Intimate Lubricant is available from Vibrator Kingdom for £24.99

Vibrator Kingdom

Shiri Zinn

Toy Review: Bespoke Wooden Dildo by The Kinky Drawer

The Kinky Drawer Bespoke 11 inch Wooden Dildo

I think I’ve found my favourite non-vibrating sex toy of all time. Wait, let me qualify that statement: I think The Kinky Drawer have found – and created – my favourite non-vibrating sex toy of all time for me. Said toy is a long, large, double-ended, caterpillar-shaped wooden dildo, handmade just for moi, to my specifications, and is a thing of great beauty. It’s got a gorgeous wood grain, sanded and varnished to a deep shine, and is gently tapered so that one end is an inch narrower than the other. It really is stunning – and so is the storage bag it came in.

Here at Cliterati we have a healthy interest in Eco sex toys, so when The Kinky Drawer initially suggested making me a wooden dildo, we didn’t have to think twice about taking up the offer. I did, however, need some guidance in what features to request. After a long look at the handmade wooden toy variations on The Kinky Drawer website, I talked through my preferred characteristics with Vicky, who runs the company: it should be sufficiently long for there to be enough of the dildo left over outside the body for leverage; it should be wide enough for me to feel nicely full, yet have a varied circumference at each end so that I could warm up on the smaller end before using the larger one; and as to the shape…straight, curved, bumpy…smooth? Well, I really had no idea. Luckily Vicky did, and after a discussion of my requirements with The Kinky Drawer master craftsman she came back with my own personal version of their best-selling Temptation dildo, which I was more than happy to confirm for them to go ahead and make for me.

And lo and behold, when my dildo arrived it was love at first look – and not just because it had been designed and handmade. Just for me. Exactly how I wanted it. No, it was love at first look because it really was a gorgeous ‘objet’: as at home in a drawer as on show on the mantelpiece. In fact, the dildo’s so deeply beautiful that it seems a crime to store it out of sight.

As you’d expect from a bespoke sex toy service, functionality-wise my wooden dildo easily hits the spot every time. The differing double-ended girth measurements add versatility to the toy, as do the changing shapes of the ridges moving from the opposite ends to the centre. You can also see from the photo that each tip is also different in shape and size, lending more variations to any play. And the warmth of the wood is simply heavenly to the touch!

In short, if you’re looking for a treat for yourself or an unusual present for someone else, and you want something truly special and unique, then we recommend you contact The Kinky Drawer. In addition to their large selection of gorgeous goodies and handmade toys, they also offer a bespoke design service that can help make your personal dildo-shaped dreams come true. Now all I need is a mantelpiece…

Visit The Kinky Drawer

Contact The Kinky Drawer

Toy Preview: The Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection from Lovehoney

This year it’s been almost impossible to escape the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena, so why not submit entirely and treat yourselves to the official range, available exclusively from Lovehoney? With cold winter nights drawing in close, the Fifty Shades line is the perfect excuse to stay in and generate your own kind of heat. Be sure to pre-order, as we’re told stock is limited and there’s no doubt that all the toys are going to prove very popular.

There’s also the chance to win the ultimate in Fifty Shades memorabilia: a presentation-framed Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle, signed by E L James herself (below). What more could a burgeoning Dom or Sub want? Indeed, it’s Christmas come early at Lovehoney, and we already know what’s going on our fantasy present list – and who!

Pre-order your Fifty Shades of Grey toys from Lovehoney and enter their E L James Signed Spanking Paddle competition here