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Toy Review: Personalised Sex Toy Storage Box by Vibrator Kingdom

Every now and again something extra-special pops through our door. It doesn’t have to be an expensive item, or anything particularly exclusive, but more often than not it’s something with the personal touch which strikes a chord.

On this occasion it was a sex toy storage box with the words ‘Mia More & Roger More, Co-conspirators in Sexual Adventure’ that arrived, stuffed full of beautifully wrapped goodies, including a BS Is Nice pegging dildo and leather harness.

The box itself was a generous shoe-box size, red and semi-transparent with funky foam writing. Once I’d liberated the contents it came with, I found I could fit a good handful of vibrators inside, plus all the various chargers and lube. In an ideal world I’d have one box for each variety of adult toy I possess (as you might expect, in this line of work we have a great many of each), with titles such as Dildos, Vibrators, Butt Plugs, Cuffs, BDSM Accessories, etc, printed on top – it certainly beats a floordrobe, that’s for sure!

We can’t help but think that a personalised storage box for your nearest and naughtiest would make the perfect present, and when the gorgeous items inside are also wrapped so thoughtfully, well, it really could feel like all your birthdays, Valentines and Christmases have come at once.  There’s genuinely nothing like receiving something made especially for you, and the night my Vibrator Kingdom box arrived I went to bed smiling – and not just because Mr More and I had a cute new zebra-striped strap-on to play with…

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