Style: Bijou Bedding with Kate Storer

There’s much to be said about decorating a bedroom to reflect your personality, and one of the best things about bed linen is that since it’s temporary you can change it to suit your mood – and your guest!

Here are some sexy and stylish covers designed by Kate Storer, who’s been working on her bedroom range since 2002. Cliterati’s favourite duvet covers include the Restless couple set (which also comes in a male-male and female-female All Girls Together option) and the Me & You kissers, below. We’re also sorely tempted by Storer’s cute and cheeky glow-in-the-dark nightwear collection and pink “Voulez Vous?” pijamas – especially as they’re currently on sale!

There’s even something for the man in your life: how about the purple or grey James Bond-inspired cover depicting a man surrounded by naked ladies? Its corresponding cushions which feature speech bubbles containing phrases such as “Flattery will get you…everywhere” and “go on…tempt me” leave Cliterati shaken and stirred!

Available online and in selected stores all over the UK, what’s not to like?!

Visit Kate Storer here

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I love these Irregular Choice boots because they’re a great style (crazy cowboy vs rocket riding boots, anyone?!), an unusual combination of colours, and are nice and wide – meaning they’re also very comfortable. But mainly I love them because they’re totally bonkers (that means ‘insane’, for all you Americans out there)!
Let’s just deconstruct these crazy blue boots together for a moment: they have a gorgeous gold band around the top, the toe is ‘m’ shaped (apparently the devil wears Irregular Choice rather than Prada), there are gold stars indented here and there, and the soles are also gold.
But best of all, the boots show a yellow sketch of a boy wearing a striped T-shirt, and a space helmet with a helicopter propeller stuck to it. And yes, he is indeed flying off through the stars with a big exuberant whoooooosh, and a very happy smile on his face.


I think perhaps it’s because he’s listening to David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust album – Starman, perhaps – as there are expressively drawn airwaves coming out of his lovely little ears. In fact, he could even be a young Ziggy, jetting off for a play-date with his pals – the equally small Spiders From Mars. I like that idea…
It’s not often that footwear inspires a musical story about space – or any other story for that matter! Therefore I now pronounce these Irregular Choice brand boots very special boots indeed. I hope you all agree!