Best Mains-Powered Wands

Nothing like a sexy little listicle to get our pulses pounding, so with Valentine’s Day incoming, here’s Cliterati’s round-up of the best mains-powered wands currently on the market. There’s wand for everyone (see what we did there?!).

And before you hit Confirm on the order for your naughty delivery, remember:

The first rule of Wand Club is a good water-based lube, the second is a good antibacterial cleaning spray. The third and most important rule? Before you buy, consider you might need an essential international plug adaptor for your chosen wand.

Now for the fun part –

Eroscillator wand reviewThe Eroscillator 2 Deluxe

If you enjoy love-making as well as a good fuck then this baby has it all. It may be expensive and ugly but it constitutes the investment of a lifetime. Bestowing orgasms like no other again and again and again, it genuinely has no equal.

Buy the Eroscillator for £199 from Lovehoney

Read our review for the original Eroscillator

Doxy Massager Review

Doxy Massager

This exquisite piece of British engineering is the best traditional mains-powered wand out there, no question. Actually, we do have a question – will you choose Doxy’s standard wand or the die-cast version, and in which colour? Outstanding.

Buy Doxy with UK, EU and US plugs from Lovehoney for £89.99

Buy Doxy Die Cast from Lovehoney for £149.99


Bodywand Vibrator

Ongoing favourite that never fails to deliver. So popular, it’s often out of stock – whichever online store you choose. Suggest you also invest in a rubber or vinyl sheet to protect your mattress from any (un)expected squirting.

Buy Bodywand from Simply Pleasure at £57.95

Read the full Bodywand review here


Palm Power by Swan

Lightweight yet powerful, this is a fantastic wand for those of us who like a long play but don’t like our arms getting tired. Extra attachments are available!

Buy Palm Power from Simply Pleasure for £74.95

Read the full Palm Power review here

Review Lovehoney Deluxe Bodywand Magic Vibrator

Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand

You will rarely go wrong with a Lovehoney own-brand item, and this wand is a case in point: it’s a solid success. Excellent work, LH HQ!

Buy Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand for £49.99


Fancy something a little…different?

Try the Tokidoki x Lovehoney Unicorn Wand if you like it kitsch and kawaii, or the Motorhead Orgasmatron War Pig for the rebellious rock chick in you. Proving that yes, as we said at the top of the page, there really is something for everyone.

Buy Tokidoki x Lovehoney Unicorn Wand for £99

Buy the Motorhead Orgasmatron for £89.99 from Lovehoney

So, did you remember the rules of Wand Club?

Water-based Lube

Antibacterial Toy Cleaner

International plug adaptors

Excellent work, Folks 🙂


Toy Review: Zoe Twistty by Maia Toys


From bespoke sex furniture to anal exercisers, in an office brimming with adult items it’s rare that a vibrator catches the eye of Cliterati staff. But then Maia’s Zoe Twistty is no ordinary vibe: its double-ended design means double the fun!

So, how does it work? Well, the narrower tip of the Zoe is slightly curved and tapered for focused use, with gentle undulating waves molded into its silicone underside. Whether inserted to apply pressure to the G-spot or used with lashings of lube on the clitoris or labia, it’s sure to hit its target. These vibrations are at somewhat of a higher frequency than those emanating from the rumbling, ribbed egg-shaped end.

Indeed, for us the deep bass note of the egg was more effective – impressive, in fact, for a non mains-powered wand – and strong enough for a decent shoulder massage with a squirt of water-based lube. If you liked a challenge you could also insert this bulbous end to enjoy that fuller feeling – perhaps after a warm-up from its slimmer opposite side. If you don’t mind your hand shaking it’s also possible to vibrate both ends simultaneously, allowing you to experiment at will.

Whichever end you choose to use, the rechargeable nature of the Zoe means you need never worry about the batteries running out. Indeed, thanks to the USB charger, helpfully you can even hook it up to your laptop to charge – something you might find useful whilst perusing Maia’s website of colourful Fun Factory-esque delights for your next toy (so many beautiful products, so little time!).

Apart from the eyesore of the deliberate misspelling, if we had any criticism of the Zoe Twistty (ouch!) it would be that the silver inserts of the toy lead to unhygienic edges: in an ideal world it would have the seamless silicone of the Jimmyjane Form collection, for example. However, this issue proves less of a problem once you realise the Twistty is waterproof so you can give it a thorough scrub.

Made with a gorgeous soft silicone in an inoffensive purple shade (no pastels! No pink!) the Zoe Twistty even comes with slinky storage bag. Perfect for solo and partner play of any gender or sexuality, it’s two sex toys in one – and at a fair price too. What’s not to like?

The Zoe Twistty is available from Lovehoney for £54.99

Toy Review: Best Mains-Powered Wand Vibrators

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we have gone all out to update our previous Best Mains-Powered Wands (MPW) review, with the result that there are two new Wands sitting pretty in the top two spots.

Of course, since our previous number one The Eroscillator is unusual in both approach and experience, for the purposes of fairness Cliterati is merely going to mention its superlative success rate (as well as its unattainable price for many!) and move on to exploring the more standard mains-powered wands available on t’interweb that are actually comparable to one another.

Doxy Wand Massager

Doxy Wand Massager

In first place we have without question the most exciting and ethical sex toy to hit the market in recent years: the Doxy Wand Massager. Flush from winning the coveted ‘Editors Choice’ ETO industry award, this remarkable bit of kit may be designed, engineered and assembled in the UK, yet thanks to its plug top supply unit it can be used all over the world (so, no dangerous Hitachi Wand-style voltage vagaries here!).

The Doxy is also the only Wand to pulse rather than vibrate which, along with the ‘rolling and rumbling’ effect from the metal mechanism inside its head, gives it the edge over its buzzing competitors . As such it’s the only UK MPW to employ an internal system similar to that of the Hitatchi, Yes it’s loud, fairly heavy and occasionally unwieldy, but no more than any other mains-powered Wand. It’s also available in glossy black, white, pink and purple colours (though not all at once!).

In fact, in nearly ever aspect the Doxy Massager sits extremely comfortably over and above its peers: in Cliterati’s opinion you won’t find a better quality mains-powered Wand on the market in Britain, if not the world. Here’s hoping that one day they’ll offer us a lighter travel version so we never have to be without it…

Swan Palm Power Magic Wand Massager Vibrator Review

Palm Power by Swan

Speaking of a lightweight MPW, luxury line Swan is proudly in second place with the ultimate in handbag-friendly fun: the Palm Power. Perfectly named and powerfully driven, somehow this toy sits happily in your hand whilst ably taking you places you’ve never been before – without your arm aching under its weight. This is why it’s our number two: it manages to combine impressive strength despite being a smaller size than its peers.

There are two packs of additional wand head attachments (comprising four different heads in total) available to purchase alongside the initial Wand should you want to expand your Swan collection, but you’ll do just fine with the Palm Power in its original boxed form. Read our full review here.

Palm Power by Swan is available from Simply Pleasure for £74.95

In third place we have a tie: two MPWs as equally favoured amongst the discerning British sex toy shopper as they are in the Cliterati office. So in alphabetical order let’s begin with the Bodywand, which is a classic MPW with a very simple yet extremely effective approach: power = pleasure! We look into this toy and its various accessories in more depth here.

The Bodywand Magic Vibrator is available from Bondara for £57.99

Sharing third place is Lovehoney’s own brand Deluxe Magic Wand. The ‘Magic Wand’ here is important, since apparently Lovehoney have trademarked that particular two-word combination so that only their company can use it. Thankfully, Lovehoney’s Deluxe MPW is ‘magic’ enough to warrant such a term, enabling it to remain a UK bestseller all year round.

Lovehoney’s Deluxe Magic Wand is available from Lovehoney for £49.99

So now you know Cliterati’s favourite few, to get the most out of your chosen Mains Powered Wand all you need to do is add some water-based lube and antibacterial toy cleaner to your virtual shopping basket and you’re good to go!

Oh – and just a reminder that in our previous Best Three Mains Powered Wand list of 2013 we shared our thoughts on Wands in general, including the potential repercussions of over-use of such a fierce personal massage toy. Your thoughts as ever, are welcome.

Toy Review: Palm Power Mains Powered Massager Wand

palm power wand image review

Ever had a stealth orgasm, an orgasm that takes you by surprise, leaving you reeling through its sheer unexpected intensity? Well, if you try the Palm Power massager you might just clock in a super-quick climax, which is why this baby is now at Number 2 on my previous Top Three Vibrator Wands list – and without the £169.99 price-tag of The Eroscillator Deluxe at Number 1 (amazing as it is).

So what is it that could possibly bump the extremely effective Bodywand Magic Vibrator to a still respectable third place (after all, the competition is super-steep)? I’ll tell you: the Palm Power massager is smaller, lighter, more portable, just as user-friendly and generally less cumbersome than the Bodywand – and every bit as impressive as its larger rivals currently in vogue.

The Palm Power is switched on, off and controlled by the same one button, which increases the vibrations until you remove your finger at your required intensity. In some respects this is a useful device as it means you can easily and quickly get the toy exactly where you want, but since the Palm Power is so powerful, occasionally you might actually want to decrease the pressure (gasp!), and to do that you have to switch it off and start at the beginning again. This is easily done – and fast – but it’s annoying not to be able to just drop a speed or two if and when you fancy something a bit more gentle. After all, this is one strong-armed wand, and subtlety is not really in its vocabulary.

Thankfully though, the Palm Power comes complete with a removable silky 100% silicone cap. This softens the harshness of the mains-powered vibrations against your sensitive body parts, without losing the intensity (something I find other wands are lacking). The Palm Power also has four additional screw-on heads which you can buy separately: firstly I tried the two Sensual Massager Wand Heads pack, which includes the Palm Below(intended for G-Spot stimulation) and the Palm Dual (which is rather like a Rabbit, aiming as it does for both clitoral and G-Spot fun).

As with the Bodywand’s equivalent accessories, I found the accompanying G-spot Palm Below appendage lacking: although wonderfully silky to the touch thanks to the phthalate-free 100% silicone, it’s simply too wobbly and flexible to apply satisfactory pressure your most sensitive of internal areas, and too small to be effective with regards to those who fancy a bit of penetration. Meanwhile, although the Rabbit-like Palm Dual happily conveyed the vibrations of the wand itself, for me personally it fell short – but that may be more a case of anatomy rather than anything else, since I don’t really get on with Rabbits in general (but if you do – hey, don’t take my word for it!).

However, when it came to the Palm Finger and Palm Curve (which come in the Palm Power Body Massager Wand Heads accessories pack), I was surprised to find that they both did the job. The Palm Finger nicely kneads every part of your hand and palm, and while this may sound like a strange attachment for a sex toy brand to make, if you’ve ever had a professional full-body massage you’ll know that the part of the treatment where they reach the hand is both an unexpected de-stressor and an extremely sensual experience. In addition, the Palm Curve was surprisingly successful when used vertically over the clitoral area rather than horizontally, as is shown in the image (when it’s actually designed to glide right over your arms, legs and body).

If you’re going to buy a plug-in wand, personally I’d plump for the Palm Power massager: its lightweight design means it’s easier to manoeuvre than heavier wands, and whilst it could numb your body with overuse just as well as its bigger sisters (there’s a great comic strip by Erica Moen about this particular desensitising side-effect of using wands), the Palm Power’s got the slightly softer silicone head included, which makes it infinitely less aggressive and yet equally effective. Always use with silicone-friendly water-based lube and you’ll never look back. If you like a good body massage or you’re a fan of perfunctory self-fucking (and let’s face it, these days we’re all pushed for time – in every area of our lives), you need this in your life. Impressive.

The Palm Power Mains Powered Massager Wand is available from Simply Pleasure for £74.95

The Palm Power Body Massager Wand Heads are available from Simply Pleasure for £19.95

The Palm Power Sensual Massager Wand Heads are available from Simply Pleasure for £24.95

Simply Pleasure’s Water-based Lubricant is available for £4.95

Antibacterial Sex Toy Spray is available from Simply Pleasure for £7.45


The Bodywand is available from Lovehoney for £59.99

The Bodywand G-Spot Magic Wand attachment is available from Lovehoney for £22.99

The Bodywand Rabbit Magic Wand attachment is available from Lovehoney for £22.99